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Ordering Marijuana Seeds in Detroit | Crop King Seeds

Ordering Marijuana Seeds in Detroit

Seeds in Detroit

If you are in Detroit or any part of Michigan then you are luckier than most states in the USA because medical marijuana is permitted in your city and the whole state. However, just like any other states in the USA where medical marijuana is permitted, you still don’t have a full access to high quality and cheap marijuana buds.

There are actually no licensed dispensaries allowed in the state thus your only option is to get them from underground suppliers or grow your own. You can actually grow your own medical marijuana for as long as you are prescribed with it to not more than 12 plants in an enclosed facility.

You can also grow your marijuana plants outdoors and they should not be visible to the unaided eye. The plants should be grown in your own property discreetly.

Where to order marijuana seeds in Detroit?

You can’t find any high quality marijuana seeds suppliers in Detroit or any other cities in Michigan. You can’t even find one in the whole USA because of the federal law. This is the reason why most of people in Detroit buy marijuana seeds from us. We offer discreet shipping to Detroit and other parts of Michigan.

We have been shipping our high quality marijuana seeds to Detroit for quite some time now with 90% success rate. Although rare, there are times when seeds are seized in your borders. This is because importing of agricultural products isn’t legal in any country around the world.

Can I get free marijuana seeds with my order?

We have promo deals that we offer from time to time and new and returning customers might get surprise extras in their packages.

Where are you located at?

We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. If you come to Vancouver, you can actually find more dispensaries than Starbucks.


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