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Monster Cropping You Weed 101 | Crop King Seeds

Monster Cropping Your Weed 101

Monster Cropping Your Weed 101

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, it is crucial to implement the right tactics, including monster cropping your weed. If you want a bountiful harvest, monster cropping is highly recommended. In this post, you will learn about monster cropping your cannabis, which serves as a guide to help you come up with the best crops.

What Is a Monster Cropping?

A monster cropping is a technique used in cannabis plant trainees to help grow cannabis more efficiently. This technique involves taking flowering clones for cannabis and making them go back to their veg phase to become denser and be more in bushy growth.

Using this method, you no longer need to keep with you a mother plant to ensure your cannabis’s continuous harvesting of your cannabis. A monster cropping can actually be done both indoors and outdoors, and it can also be done in the greenhouse.

Why Perform Monster Cropping

Monster Cropping is very worth it. Monster cropping intends to increase the yields when it comes to cloning your weeds. This monster cropping allows the growers to continue working on their strains without sacrificing other plants because of its seed production or forfeiting the spaces with a mother plant. 

How to Monster Cropping Cannabis


  1. Choose the Best Flowering Cannabis Plant

You should see in 2nd week of the flowering of your chosen flower to locate the best specimen for it choose the one that has grown very well and tall. If ever that you have multiple strains, you may select more than one cuttings from each of your strains to see what would be the best among them all. 

You have to make sure that those plants you use to crop are healthy and do not display any kind of deficiencies. It is advised to be aware of yourself to different healthy plants that you can use for cropping to produce high-quality weeds.

  1. Cutting Sessions

Take with you your cutting materials, whether it is scissor or a knife, and wipe it with a clean tissue, cloth, or cotton together with alcohol to disinfect it and avoid any bacteria that would manipulate the cropping method of weeds. The cleanliness you provide when cropping makes a great impact when cloning your weeds. 

In cutting, go to your chosen flowering plant and select the lower branch because it roots faster than those branches on top of the flowering plant. Gently cut across the stem to take over the cutting in a diagonal shape. Using a diagonal shape cut provides a wider surface area for the plant to take in more water and nutrient for easier growth.

  1. Root the Cuttings

After taking those cuttings, you should immediately place those stems in a container with clean water providing that the water will seal the cut of the stem and prevent air from entering, which would kill your clone if done. 

Otherwise, you can use a rooting gel for the stems that are cut instead of the use of water. Leave your cuttings into the water or in the rooting gel until you notice its roots coming out. You can also leave your cuttings into a thing that is called rooting media such as perlite or a Rockwool tube. In these choices, make sure to focus on the cuttings not be collided with air.

  1. Re-veg the Clones

To get the clones back to its vegetable state or position, you need to adjust and give time in its light cycle very often to make sure it would not die. Most of the growers out there choose a schedule, which is an 18/6 schedule, but an 18-24 schedule of a light work can do. 

When you already notice that your clones are now starting to re-veg, they are now growing in a very odd way together with their round leaves and many branches. Still, this very strange growing phase of your clone will only last for about 3-4 weeks, so you do not have to worry very much.

How to Monster Cropping Cannabis


  1. Plant the Seed

When you bring out your seeds during winter and the longer nights that will have put your plant into flowering faster as soon as it emerges, if you wanted to extend the vegging period of your plant gradually, you need to add some sizes to your clone. You can supplement it with a lesser amount of light that you put in for an hour or even every night. 

On the other hand, if you grow your plant in an occasionally frost climate in winter, you should always keep your plants indoors. You have to put them under a vegging light cycle, and after that, you now set them outside once the weather won’t frost your plants if there is a chance that you can do that early in a year, most likely in February they will surely go back in flowering.

  1. Time to Harvest Your Cannabis

When you harvest your first ever batch of your buds, it would be ready to be harvested in the early months during spring and before daylight. Once that you harvested your buds around mid of march, it will surely be long enough again before you harvest new batches, for it took quite to be able to harvest.

  1. Second Growing Season

Once the clones you have already gained their mass expect, they will naturally progress to become a flowering phase as the season or the weather changes. In this case, it means that you can naturally harvest your clones at the usual time of harvesting in fall. If this happens, be happy because you just harvested twice in just one growing season.


In monster cropping, it is very easy to stagger a harvest in indoor grows, and when it comes to outdoor growth but most importantly should be in a right and constant climate to ensure the growth of the clones would be a success a good quality of weeds. Expect high-quality cannabis plants with generous yields with monster cropping.


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