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Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma | Crop King Seeds

Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma

Marijuana for Glaucoma

Medical marijuana has been known to treat a lot of diseases which includes Glaucoma. With the legalization around the world and states in the USA, more people have the freedom to self medicate with marijuana. Well, there is no problem with self medication with marijuana because it has no side effects.

Does marijuana for Glaucoma really work?

Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve are damaged over time which results to reducing the eyes’ side vision. Worst case scenario is that it will lead you to blindness. One cause of the nerve damage is the high pressure in the eye. The only way to control it is to lower the eye pressure levels. Your physician may prescribe with eye drops or do a surgery which may lead to some side effects or further complications. The medication depends on the level of glaucoma that you experience.

There were studies conducted in the 1970’s that showed that marijuana can be helpful and effective in treating Glaucoma. The studies showed that smoking weed lowered the eye pressure of those who have glaucoma. Aside from that, many people can attest that they feel better in their eyes after using marijuana.

This could not be the cure but it’s a good treatment and help for those people who have glaucoma and other diseases. Marijuana is effective in preventing Glaucoma from worsening.

Grow your own marijuana from seeds for Glaucoma to get the best out from it.

If you want to save money buying your marijuana buds then you can grow your own ditching the middle man or the outside sources that you don’t trust. If you grow from seeds (rather than starting from clones or cuttings), you will have healthier plants with larger yields.

Investing $100 or less for marijuana seeds can yield $5000 or more buds that can help you with your Glaucoma for months. Growing marijuana has never been this easy with the help of marijuana forums and blogs which you can on the internet.

Buy your cannabis seeds now and grow your own medicine in the comforts of your home.


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