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Marijuana Seeds Versus Clones - Which is Better? | Crop King Seeds

Marijuana Seeds Versus Clones – Which is Better?

Marijuana Seeds Versus Clones – Which is Better?

The method of planting your own cannabis plant solely depends on you. But in order to find the best way to start planting, you must know the differences and the benefits that you can get out of planting with the chosen method.

What is the difference between seeds and clones?

Planting marijuana seeds can be done by purchasing the seeds in a seedbank and start with the germination process. One may get the seeds from the local grower or from the seedbanks. On the other hand, clones can be done by cutting a part of the mother plant and reclone.

What are the benefits of each methods of growing cannabis plants?

Cannabis seeds are readily available in seedbanks that you can buy online or at your local grower. With the seeds, there is a guarantee that you will get or purchase the plant and choose the good quality seed in terms of yield, quality and flowering duration. You can also purchase feminized seeds that guarantees 100% female plant. With this, you will be able to grow your own feminized plant and create your own strain without worry. The first generation of your hybrid will have a 25% faster and higher yields than the clone. It can also provide a clean slate and prevent disease or pests.

On the other hand, clones can be started further than seeds and it will have a shorter grow duration and can be ready for harvest faster. The mother plant can be recloned giving an assurance of a constant source of baby plants. Since clones are genetically the same with the mother plant, you can be sure that what you are planting is an exact replica of the mother plant. If there is an issue about time and space, rooted clones can be designed to flower quickly.


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