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Marijuana Seeds: For Indoor and Outdoor Planting | Crop King Seeds

Marijuana Seeds: For Indoor and Outdoor Planting

Seeds For Indoor and Outdoor Planting

People fail to notice that there are certain marijuana seedlings that cannot be both indoor and outdoor in terms of their planting method. There are certain considerations if something goes wrong along the process and surely, you wouldn’t like as a grower to mess up with the outcomes of your plant.

What could go wrong if the incorrect planting process is observed?

There are some marijuana seeds capable only of surviving outdoors or indoors depending on their species. There are cross breeds that can survive for both environments but they can be highly in demand in the market today that they usually run out of stock.

Aside from the horrific fact that your plant may die out of a wrong method being used, you may suffer cost because of a benefit that cannot sustain the price you have paid for your purchased marijuana seedlings. The strains are sensitive enough to be brittle or to break at one point – this is the first thing you need to understand as a grower.

Which type of planting method it the most recommended?

Convenience wise, you shall go with indoor planting, of course. It shall be always easy to move around your house and include your tending of marijuana to the list of your daily routine. Unlike for outdoor planting, you have to take necessary additional chores to go out even at night to check your marijuana. However, in considering the cost, you would likely to choose the outdoor method. With this, you don’t have to set-up additional lighting system and oxygen tanks to power your indoor planting method. Sometimes, you consume much for your electric bill.

Are these outdoor/indoor marijuana seedlings available online?

Yes, they are highly available online. Canada gives out the best deals of marijuana and companies in that country accommodate online orders for customers outside the country.


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