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Marijuana Seeds Different Growth Stages | Crop King Seeds

Marijuana Seeds Different Growth Stages

Marijuana Seeds Different Growth Stages

Most people have been growing cannabis seeds for years now and that they have realized that the growing of this seeds can be both considered as a science and an art. Because most growers are now keen in finding many ways to find the perfect breed of cannabis, they have now learnt many various and many techniques so as to be able to achieve the maximum quality with the maximum yield. Thus, they have also perfected the different growth stages of the cannabis seeds which are considered to be the most important for ever growers to know.

What are the different stages in cannabis seeds?

In growing cannabis seeds, it involves basically five different stages. The first one is the germination which checks the quality of the seeds. The second is one the seedling which checks whether the seeds are in good condition. The third step is the vegetative state which is an important factor for flowering. The next step is the flowering. This is the budding stage of the cannabis. And finally, the last is the harvesting in which the flowers are then harvested for consumption and use.

When will the ripening stage occur?

In the ripening stage of the marijuana seeds, the flowering stage is the most crucial part here. This is where the tough work of the grower should be done. Flowers are sensitive as they can fall easily if not maintained properly. Utmost care should be done so as to continue the perfect condition of the cannabis.

How is the harvesting being done?

During the flowering stage, an appearance of “snow-like” trichomes will be shown in the cannabis seeds. This is the best time for one to harvest and that the trichomes must first be checked under a magnifier so as to assess its right color and condition.


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