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Marijuana Seeds and Strains for Asthma | Crop King Seeds

Marijuana Seeds and Strains for Asthma

It may be a common misconception for many people to think that smoking marijuana is just a counter intuitive treatment for asthma, but truly there is a wide belief that smoking cannabis has been known to relieve the symptoms of this very debilitating condition. Cannabis was a traditional medicine during the early civilizations and that one of which is that it also serves as a relief for symptoms related to asthma. A lot of research has already been done and that it has been known to provide many benefits for the human body. In fact, studies are also still ongoing as to knowing the many benefits of cannabis seeds which are yet to be discovered and introduced in the society.

What is Asthma?

It is a chronic inflammatory disease that has known to be increasing in prevalence these days. Symptoms would include shortness of breath, coughing and even wheezing. On extreme cases, a tightening in the chest would be experienced. There is indeed a role the cannabinoids have in the human’s respiratory system and it is of this reason that people have considered cannabis strains as an effective treatment for it.

What is the content in marijuana known to help asthma?

Because of the many benefits of it, marijuana seeds are known to have two main substances that are potent enough to cure any ailments and sickness. The THC and the cannabinoids are just two of the substances contained to help in the treatment of asthma which would help clear out the respiratory system.

What is the use of marijuana?

There are various super strain in cannabis that are known to provide bronchial relief. A sufficient amount of THC according to research is considered more effective than amitriptyline which helps decrease the symptoms attributed to bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Moreover, CBD has also helped patients with insomnia to provide a sleepful activity even without the psychoactive symptoms.


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