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Marijuana for Cancer Treatment | Crop King Seeds

Marijuana for Cancer Treatment

Marijuana for Cancer Treatment

Cannabis has been known to kill cancer cells and a lot of studies are still undergoing to find a concrete proof of this. Thousands of people in the United States die per year because of cancer and how about the world? For sure, thousands or millions die per year because of this. There are medications that the treat the symptoms or prolong the lives of those who have cancer and the price of these medications aren’t a joke. With marijuana, you are assured that the patient won’t be spending a fortune to get a smoke to feel better and perhaps prolong their lives.

Is marijuana effective for treating cancer?

According to author Dr. Wai Lui who is an ancologist at St. George’s University of London, “Cannabinoids have a complex action; it hits a number of important processes that cancers need to survive”. Dr. Lui’s research was published in the journal Anticancer Research. This was taken from a “The Huffington Post” post dated October 25, 2013. With this, we can say that marijuana could be a very effective no side effect treatment for cancer.

How to grow marijuana seeds for treating cancer?

There are a lot of strains that can help you with cancer. Make sure to choose the ones with high CBD content. CBD is the other term for Cannabinoids which was mentioned by Dr. Lui. You can order marijuana seeds from us and you can grow it in the comforts of your home. Growing marijuana has never been this easy with the help of the internet and the grow forums which are already live on the net now.

How to make sure that I can save money when I decide to use marijuana for cancer?

Grow your own marijuana if you want to save money. Buying from outside sources or from dispensaries can be costly and you are not assured of quality except if you are buying from a really high quality dispensary. Order marijuana seeds on the internet for cancer and grow your own and you will be assured that you are only growing the cannabis that you know and you are sure that your smoke will be high quality. Ditch the dealer!


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