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Buy Low Flyer Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

Buy Low Flyer Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Buy Low Flyer Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Low Flyer is the most durable auto-flowering marijuana strain available in the market now. It has gone through years of selective cross breeding before it was produced. A Mexican Ruderalis was mixed with a female Indica. Out of this fusion, a male offspring was taken and it was crossed with a female clone. The result is a short strain which is good for stealth growing which we now call Low Flyer.

It took nine generations of selective cross breeding before this strain was perfected. It can be grown indoors and outdoors easily and it has good resistance to mold and diseases. It has no vegetative stage because it only grows a few set of leaves after germination and it enters the flowering stage immediately about 2 to 3 weeks from seeding.

This strain is perfect for beginners and for those who want to get hold of marijuana buds early.


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