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Popular and Most Commonly Used Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds
Most Commonly Used Marijuana Seeds

Knowing the Most Popular and the Most Commonly Used Marijuana Seeds

For a marijuana grower, choosing the right type of marijuana seeds could help determine the success of his growing ventures. Moreover, the process of picking the right marijuana seeds could depend on plenty of factors. Factors could include the right lighting, temperature, growing conditions and the type of seeds.

What are the most popular types of seeds available?

Marijuana seeds are classified on two main categories – the strain, and the growth environment. For marijuana seeds on the strain category, you could either choose:

1. Indica seeds- these seeds produce shorter and stockier plants which feature smaller and smellier buds. Usually, the plants have a flowering period of around 6 to 9 week, making them quite quicker than the other type which is the Sativa.
2. Sativa seeds – seeds of this type tend to produce bigger plants with less compact buds.

In terms of growth environment, marijuana seeds could either be:

1. Indoor – the seeds often grow best when kept under indoor temperature. Provided the proper lighting, or perhaps using hydroponics system, you can ensure the best indoor crops out of indoor seeds.
2. Outdoor – seeds of this type are far lengthier and larger than indoor plants. Moreover, they feature more potent smell and high when grown properly.

Which are the best seeds for you?

Before growing marijuana plants, it is essential to know that there are several strains of marijuana which are much harder to grow as compared to the others. Meanwhile, there are also some types which are quite easy to grow and are resistant to pests and any other diseases. Hence, for a beginner, it is pretty essential that a strain which is quite easy to grow makes a good option.

The choice would also depend upon the growing space you have. If you don’t have an extra huge space outdoors, then growing indoor seeds could be the perfect choice.

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