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Knowing the Germination Process of Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

Knowing the Germination Process of Marijuana Seeds

Germination process of marijuana seeds

The process of marijuana seeds germination is one of the most commonly used technique by growers to ensure a better quality of the plants. It is the process in which you get your marijuana seeds to sprout, and is also among the easiest steps in growing weed. However, if you don’t get it right you can expect a lesser germination rate of your seeds, thus putting most of your seeds to waste. Also, considering that high quality marijuana seeds don’t come in cheap, you need to make your germination process successful to have the highest germination rates as possible.

What are the essential factors for germination?

For your marijuana seeds to undergo the right germination and induce high germination rate, it is best to keep the following factors into account:

• Moisture – you should place the right amount of moisture to your seeds, but not soak them (though you can soak them for at least 24-32 hours, but don’t go beyond that).
• Warmth – by providing a warm place for your seeds, increasing your germination rate is possible (though not in a too hot place).
• Undisturbed place – you should place your seeds in a place where they can sprout without any disturbances (either plant them directly on the growth medium, or have them germinate somewhere else then move them).

How to germinate marijuana seeds the right way?

To ensure a high germination rate for your seeds, you could use several effective methods like the following:

1. Paper plate method – it is where you fold your seeds in a wet paper towel then leave it in a warm place. It is recommended to place the paper towel between two paper plates to reduce to risk of the seeds drying out.
2. Overnight water soaking – you can also germinate your seeds by soaking them overnight in a slightly warm water, which is often done in a glass cup.


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