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Knowing Marijuana Seeds with the Highest Yield | Crop King Seeds

Knowing Marijuana Seeds with the Highest Yield

Marijuana Seeds with the Highest Yield

For marijuana growers, having the biggest yield out of their plants is surely one of the main goals they keep in mind. Producing huge yields out of your marijuana seeds could be possible by taking a few important factors into account. By applying these factors, you could possibly yield up to as much as 500 to 700 grams per meter square.

What are the factors essential in producing huge yields?

To produce huge yields from your marijuana plants, you need to first find seeds of the finest quality. You can actually find marijuana strains with seeds that can produce yields of up to 700 grams per meter square given that they are of the finest quality. Also, some other factors are present that could determine the amount of yield you can harvest out of your plants. These are:

• Proper and sufficient lighting
• Ideal temperature
• Clean water with the right pH level
• Proper systems
• And the effective methods for increasing yield

Which seeds have the highest yield?

More often, feminized seeds are the ones which produce the highest amount of yield among others. Considering that they have a 100% probability of producing female plants, you can ensure that all of your plants will be exclusively females. This would simply mean that you can produce bigger yields, and can even harvest them several times a year!

How do you increase your yield?

Other than the abovementioned factors for producing massive yield, you can also take advantage of the method of super cropping. Super cropping, as the name implies, is a method use to turn your marijuana plants into super crops. Meaning, they can produce more buds, more flowers, and more yields in the end. It is simply the process of stressing out your plants by bending some parts of it a little bit. The method is also simple, needing only your fingers, a roll of duct tape and proper knowledge before starting.


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