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Indoor or Outdoor Marijuana Seeds: Which is Better? | Crop King Seeds

Indoor or Outdoor Marijuana Seeds: Which is Better?

Indoor or Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

This question has been mostly asked by growers for several years even up to this day. Marijuana seeds might just be seeds, but there are some differences as well as some other factors that could lead a grower to planting them either indoor or outdoor. After all, the choice of whether planting a seed indoor or outdoor could be affected by some factors, leave alone the type of strain.

What’s the difference between growing a seed indoor or outdoor?

Perhaps the main distinction between that of indoor and outdoor growing can be obvious as the plants mature. Outdoor plants grow in earth or pots, while indoor plants could grow in potted soil or some systems like the hydroponics. For a beginner, planting seeds from either indoor or outdoor is completely fine as long as the ideal growing conditions are present. The main concern is security, making the indoor environment a better choice if you can’t place your outdoor garden to somewhere inaccessible to the public.

Moreover, while the majority of outdoor strains could be grown indoors without the risks of losing the crop, there are some cases which could lead you to plant them outdoor instead. Generally, indoor marijuana seeds could die easily when planted on outdoor environment with the wrong climate or season. Due to this, indoor growing tends to be more ideal by using hydroponics, considering that every element of growth is controlled.

Which is the better choice between the two?

For extremely potent strains, the best choice would be to plant them outdoors. Basically, outdoor crops with potent smell aren’t advised to be planted indoors due to the risks associated with having it in an indoor environment. But no matter what the season, both indoor and outdoor seeds could grow best just as long as they are grown based on their labeling. If you choose to do it your own style, a decrease in harvest could possibly occur.


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