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Important Factors Affecting Marijuana Seeds Growth | Crop King Seeds

Important Factors Affecting Marijuana Seeds Growth

Marijuana has truly gained its popularity being a medicinal herb. Each year, the number of people using Marijuana for medicinal purposes is growing. Some people have even been using this medicinal herb for years. Having felt the need of planting their very own Marijuana seeds at home for ease, this is why many are in search of the factors that would likely affect the growth of Marijuana plants. These factors are deemed to be important for they would entail the success of Marijuana cultivation. The more pressure we put it when Marijuana plants are being used to heal illnesses.

What are the important factors that would affect growth of Marijuana plants?

Actually there are truly lots of factors that would decide the success of Marijuana cultivation. First, the soil that is to be used in the said cultivation is not just any soil. A special type of soil must be used in order to ensure that your Marijuana would grow until the end. Second, the amount of water that you would put in the Marijuana plant would also matter. You should not be exposing the plant to too much water as there would be possibilities that it would die. The amount of light is also important. It is important for light makes it possible for photosynthesis to take place. Lastly, ventilation is also important for plants needs carbon dioxide to undergo important processes such as fixation.

How much light should you be exposing your Marijuana plant when grown indoors?

It has been found that it should 1 400 watt = 1 square meter of plants. Light is important to regulate because overexposure might cause abnormalities in the growth of plants.

What should be the temperature during the process of cultivation?

The optimum temperature for your cultivated Marijuana plants should be around 27-30 degrees Celsius. Temperature should be regulated in order to maintain a good environment for your cultivated plant.


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