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Ice Cream Cake Strain: What Makes it a Famous Strain? | Crop King Seeds

Ice Cream Cake Strain: What Makes it a Famous Strain?

When you hear the name Ice Cream Cake strain, the first thing that comes to your mind is it has a good taste. You will be tempted by the strain’s potential flavor and smell. Ice Cream Cake is a mostly Indica hybrid that resulted after blending the Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 strain. This strain is famous as it is considered to be a treat.

The buds of Ice Cream Cake have light green and deep purple color that lights up throughout. It grows a sticky layer and thick trichomes. As its name indicates, this strain has a sweet flavor that engages you to have a snack and make you into a deep sleep after. Like its parents, Ice Cream Cake is more than enough to get you very high, so be careful of the dosage you consume.

Types of High

This strain has a moderate head high effect that contains THC amount that ranges from 20 to 25% level. Once you feel its effects on your body, you will notice the tranquilizing numbness that affects your pain and aches throughout your body. 

Like other mostly Indica hybrids, this strain will give a cerebral brush combined with euphoric energy making it ideal as a nighttime toker. While you are experiencing happy thoughts, you feel your body enters into deep relaxation. Beginners must consume a smaller dose to prevent having a couch-lock experience.

Effects of Ice Cream Cake Strain

After consuming this strain, you will feel tingling linger in you while relaxing your body, leaving you into a state of having euphoria. However, an experienced consumer usually does not feel it’s a tingling effect, or others feel it, but that as intense as they expected.

Medicinal Benefits of Ice Cream Cake

Strains are not just consuming due to its high effects, but most who consume it are patients who experience different health conditions. Ice Cream Cake strain works well with stress as it provides deep relaxation effects. 

For patients who are looking for a strain that alleviates their chronic pain must definitely love the Ice Cream Cake strain. Those who have problems with their sleep and suffer depression may find this strain very beneficial for them.

Other several conditions it treats are as follows:

  • Anxiety and Stress

For patients who are struggling with anxiety and stress can find relief after consuming this strain. Though there are some cases that consuming weed makes even anxiety worse, Ice Cream Cake strain is not one of them as it reduces anxiety and stress and turns into a sense of calmness. 

However, if you are a beginner in consuming strains, make sure to consume a smaller dose. This is not totally the cure for anxiety and stress, but it is very effective in reducing anxiety and stress.

  • Cold and Flu

The most usual signs that you are having cold and flu are muscle aches, joint pains, sore throat, fatigue, fever, and headaches. To relieve such pains. Many patients consider consuming strain. When you have such symptoms, it is better to use Ice Cream Cake strain into an edible form or else; smoking will worsen the condition as you can cough and not be ideal for your lungs.

  • Insomnia

As the high indicates, this strain is ideal for nighttime consumption. Ice Cream Cake is excellent for patients who find a hard time to sleep. It will not just let you easily fall asleep, but it will help you sleep into deep relaxation for hours.

  • Menstrual Cramps

Most females face menstrual cramps during their menstruation period. They feel quite annoyed with severe to extreme kinds of pain because of the cramps. This cannabis strain provides cramp relief.

Consuming this strain makes women function better during menstruation without stress and hassle. Moreover, the taste and aroma are sweet, making them more appealing to women that commonly crave sweets during their menstrual period.

Scent and Flavor of Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake offers a sweet and earthy aroma like a vanilla cake. Once you take a few hits, you will smell the scent that confines the entire airway. The earthy scent complementary contrasts with the smell of sugar. 

Similar to its sweet scent, the taste is like you are eating vanilla cake with ice cream. The scent and flavor are like vanilla cake, and the texture while consuming it is more like a cheesecake. You will also taste a hint of cheesecake while consuming this strain.

How Does an Ice Cream Cake Strain Look?

Ice Cream Cake is also known for its appealing looks as it has a very sticky cover of trichomes, making it look like a sugary glaze plant. If you are not familiar with how it looks, once you see it, you will probably think that it is a hard candy. With a green and purple combination of nugs, the buds look like minty flavored ice cream. 

Ice Cream Cake’s buds grow into the lengthy size, and the calyxes are growing into dense and can spread apart like how OG strain grows. The name of the strain is connected to the heavy mantle of trichomes that layer the stalagmite nugs.

Growing Ice Cream Cake Strain

This cannabis strain grows well in both indoor and outdoor setups. However, in order to produce a large number of yields, growers need to have some growing experience.

Check the following growing tips for ice Cream Cake cannabis strain:

  • If you tend to grow it indoors, you will need extra space as the plants grow bigger, and you must need bigger pots. 
  • Make sure that the room temperature is warm with the least humidity. It is ideal for placing the pots in a near window to get much fresh air and sunlight exposure.
  • On the other hand, growing it outdoors is quite demanding and needs high maintenance compared to other strains. The plant grows well in hotter areas and grows into a medium to tall bushy plant. 
  • Ice Cream Cake usually takes about 8 to 9 weeks of the flowering period. To avoid molds and mildew, make sure that your plant has enough airflow and proper light ventilation to remove excess moisture in leaves.


If you are a fan of sweet strain with high THC content, then you must try this Ice Cream Cake strain. It is not just famous for being a sweet, better-tasting strain but also the range of benefits and relaxation it provides, making it love even more.


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