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How to Store Weed to Keep Its Freshness | Crop King Seeds

How to Store Weed to Keep Its Freshness

They say the reasons why there are various cannabis strains is due to each user’s preference in terms of cannabinoid level, a factor much needed for either recreational or medical purposes. But, it’s quite inevitable for consumers to pick the freshest of all, which is an issue for growers’ part. With that, adding up to every cultivator’s struggle in growing a cannabis plant.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to keep the weed’s freshness as long as growers would be more than willing to know how to store weed. The bottom line of acquiring this knowledge is that growers go through lengths to keep their crops alive and result in a remarkable outcome. Let’s say risks and dangers are already there, what cost are you willing to pay to keep moving forward?

To bring the topic into the table, the contents of this article should serve as a mere guide that only you will continue. If you can’t keep up with your responsibility, then what more when you have to be held accountable? Choices are yours, but knowledge is ours.

Why do you need to keep Weeds fresh?

The most common misconception about cannabis buds after harvest is that it would automatically live fresh until the time to use it comes. The argument is wrong because you can’t possibly expect untouched and unmoved buds to preserve its quality without executing a few power moves from the experts. Besides, everything that comes out of the harvesting era will soon dry up without follow-up techniques.

You need to keep the weeds fresh because air isn’t as clean as you think. Firstly, natural hindrances are around to wait for the weeds to appear weak and helpless, so it will intervene and affect its whole existence by gradually destroying them or making it limp and lifeless. As a dedicated grower, you shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

You should know that excessive moisture and weeds don’t go along well. When there’s a surge of moisture, there is mold. With that, growers will need to dry and cure marijuana buds first. However, that doesn’t mean that moisture is irrelevant to a weed’s life. Without its presence, the flower will lose essential ingredients like terpenes and become breakable or brittle. Terpenes are what users are for because it stores the potency and flavor.

But, between two possible downsides of lacking and disproportionate levels, the latter is more dangerous and can raise harmful consequences. Keeping the weeds fresh means not acquiring the two properties that will put the plant’s life to risk.

Things to Consider Before Knowing How to Store Weed to Keep Its Freshness

Honestly, there are no ideal storage rooms for weeds. But, you can take note of the following vital factors that will keep the pot fresh. In this part, we will be discussing things to consider in regards to how to store weed to retain its freshness.

  • Appropriate Temperature for storing Weeds

There’s no absolute temperature to keep your weeds untouched by destructive forces. In resolving the freshness issue of weeds, it would be best to know that molds thrive in cold places. At the same time, dry areas can eliminate the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components you took months to develop and keep. Though it’s still usable after being dried up, the smoke will be harsher and more dangerous than usual.

In addition to storing in cold places, lower temperatures tend to slow down the process of activating potent constituents of cannabis. Soon, it will degrade to another cannabinoid that bears different effects and qualities.

  • Humidity

To resolve the case of inappropriate Temperature, start with controlling the humidity level. A controlled environment will most likely allow you to evade adversities. Besides balanced environment aspects, the chances of acquiring molds and fungus will reduce until there’s none left.

  • Lighting

If you think you’re done with lights during the plant’s life on soil or other modes of life, then you’re wrong. The harmful impact of UV rays will slowly degrade the cannabis’ quality as time goes by. As a result, it will dry up and soon die.

As a supporting idea, a study conducted during the ’70s showed that light is one of the massive culprits behind the rapid degradation of weeds after being harvested. Hence, making the research author recommend storing pots out of direct hit of lights from the sun.

  • Proper Ventilation

Once you figured out where you will be storing the cannabis, make sure that the container it’s stored in is tightly packed. It’s factual that weeds need oxygen to maintain its freshness, as long as there is a reasonable amount of air that comes in and out of the container.

After taking all the right considerations to remember, the next step to do is to know how to store the weeds. The following discussion should expand your knowledge and enlighten you about questions you wish to ask.

How to Store Weed so It Would Remain Fresh?

Knowing how to extend the shelf life of your weed will assist you in different ways, where you might also market the fresh bud outside of your expertise to connoisseurs or use it for future purposes. As recalled, we figured that extending the freshness of the weed heavily relies on element restriction. With that, here are the proper ways on how to store weed so it would remain fresh until such time of usage.

  • Moisture and Humidity are factors that hinder the shelf life extension of weeds. To maintain balance, it would be wise to utilize controlling sachet that is purely salt-based. A study about this technique concluded that it maintained not only humidity and moisture balance, but the weed’s freshness, too, considered that the container is tightly sealed.
  • Purchase a weed humidor container, a box that will give the ideal factor for marijuana buds. Though a bit pricey, the product is a hundred percent efficient to use. 
  • Use naturally-helpful materials to keep the weed fresh. If you ever failed to remediate a dried-up weed, a piece of orange peel will provide moist enough. But, ensure that you also get to control the remnants of the liquid. Otherwise, mold will severely appear.
  • Store the weeds in a dry place with a controlled environment. Preferably away from direct hits of the sunlight. Also, as much as possible, find neutral-charged bowls like mason jars and other glassware


Since you already know the ways on how to store weed and things to keep in mind, one of the most significant things to consider during this type of crisis is to refrain from stressing out. Psychology says that you unwillingly permit your stress to flow onto something, something that could be your work or chores. Either way, fumbling, and panicky attitude will not solve the problem. If anything, it will worsen the situation. So, keep calm and store your weed.


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