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Learning How to Smoke Weed Without Papers | Crop King Seeds

Learning How to Smoke Weed Without Papers

Smoke Weed Without Papers

Joint is the kind of strategy that has been a notable piece within the cannabis industry. Numerous individuals love this type of strategy as you won’t dwell in too many things to do to acquire the potency, flavors, and terpenes.

The core thing you need to use when smoking weed is papers and this primarily relates to joint. If in the case that there is no accessible paper that you can use to smoke weed, then the next thought would be the kind of some abrupt yet real question on how to smoke weed without papers.

How to Smoke Weed Without Papers

You can easily purchase weed online in a wide range of various quantities along with the wide assortment of strains. Consequently, the choice for it would mount into like a mountain as you can encounter that there are lots of weed choices. Even though these weeds are inexpensive, you may regularly wind up in a situation on how to smoke it using papers or not.

If a rising point starts to occur and this covers that there are no more available papers within your vicinity to use to smoke weed, then surely you will face problems. As then, this paper can be your resort as it will undertake what are the various ways on how to smoke weed without papers.

There are numerous incredible ways you can smoke weed without purchasing papers or rolling materials. Additionally, these are some incredible alternatives as you may get more its potency through new methods. Now, here are the following various ways on how to smoke weed without papers.


  • In comparison, a bong is the bigger and enhanced version of the pipe.
  • How you need to do when using a bong is just the same as using the pipe. First, you need to let the weed sit within the bowl, use a lighter to burn it, and then inhale the cloud of smoke through the mouthpiece. The major contrast of bong to weed is that a bong has water that can filter your smoke.
  • Bongs can likewise bring you an absolute strong hit as the design is intended for impeccable airflow. As a result, you now have a great advantage to take a great deal amount of THC.
  • You can purchase Bongs in numerous forms. A small one that will fit onto your bag is one of the choices you can pick from the types of bongs. Interchangeable bowls, percolators, and recyclers are somehow the infamous types of the bong.

Chillum or One-Hitter

  • On the off chance that you need something significantly tiny than a pipe, then you need to try this one-hitter or somehow know as Chillum.
  • Its appearance resembles a small type of pipe that has the look of a glass cigarette.
  • Per its name, you can primarily figure out that is not intended for a longer smoking session. Be that as it may, you may grip a quick and strong within a single and instant manner.

Dab Rig

  • If you need the super extra hard-hitting impact, you should then resort to utilizing a dab rig.
  • Rather than focusing on weed buds, this type of method encourages you to use any sort of cannabis concentrate. Just a little amount of your picked cannabis concentrate and you can amazingly quickly get those solid hits.
  • The way to make this method work is through heating the Dab Nail or the Quartz of the Dab Rig.
  • Dabbing is the perfect alternative if you want an option that could be more grounded than smoking weed or fulfilling how to smoke weed without papers.


  • A Hookah is a one of a kind smoking gadget that started from India intended to bring an enhanced content of the flavored tobacco or also known as “shisha”.
  • Your loved product will be applied within the top part of the bowl together with the aluminum foil and coils. Once you light it, you can take your shot at the end part of the hose.
  • These gadgets aren’t intended as the perfect alternative to use when there is no paper, but this has some good benefits when you are smoking in a group. As such, you can add more hose so that all of your friends can smoke together.

Gas Mask

  • Even though using a gas mask to smoke weed is some kind of insane choice, yet this still brings you good impacts.
  • Albeit smoking through utilizing a gas mask, it may seem like torture at some point due to its washed contents due to the process. Consequently, the entire process of a gas mask may lose the material you want to savor from the weed.

Hot Knives

  • This is extremely an old technique but this is also one of the best alternatives to do when smoking weed when you are out of papers at home. Open your kitchen drawer and find some two knives then heat it through the oven.
  • When the heating process is now done, prick the weed buds and then inhale the smoke that it will result in. You can smoke now through not buying any smoking device as you will only rely on some knife and your oven.


  • Utilizing a Pipe as the way to consume weed is one of the simplest and most advantageous approaches you can perform.
  • While utilizing a joint necessitates you to exert a thorough effort as you will be rolling papers. As then, using a pipe, you won’t get to roll papers. You won’t be stretching much effort at the same time.
  • The way on how to use a pipe is you need to simply place the weed in the bowl of it then burn it using a lighter. Within the mouthpiece of it, you can inhale its smoke and start now to savor weed.
  • You can appreciate the smoothness of the weed within a simple hit out from utilizing a pipe.
  • There are different types of pipes that you can pick up and these could be silicone or glass coming in different sizes and shapes.


  • On the off chance that you need a new good-tier technique to smoke weed that does not require rolling papers and likewise brings you more beneficial impacts, then you landed on the right thing as vaporizer would do those jobs.
  • The vape pen is the core device that you need to use to smoke weed. As then, it will not involve rolling papers.
  • One of the valuable things you can acquire through utilizing weed is that lesser content of toxins will be ingested to you as the methods are far safer than directly smoking weed.

Water Bottle

  • Regardless of whether you would prefer not to burn some cash on some smoking gadgets, then you can resort to your empty water bottle within your house. Probably the simplest way to solve smoking weed without papers is by relying on a water bottle.
  • These water bottles come in numerous varieties and bear only a simple task to make it happen. Simply make a hole within the body on the water bottle and then put now the cap through wrapping it with some foil and pour water within the base.

Another Type of Substitution to Papers when Smoking Weed

Learning how to smoke weed using papers is such a long way from the various options you can do. You are now able to purchase numerous sorts of cannabis-infused items. Furthermore, it helps you to stop spending on purchasing some additional gear or put some extra effort. These are generally more helpful and significantly offer more potent impacts.

Cannabis Edibles

  • Cannabis edibles are some kind of new option to consume cannabis in a greater sense. These edibles are highly infused with the contents of a weed strain.
  • Cannabis edibles can be in the form of cupcakes, cakes, pizza, cannabutter, weed bacon, cannaoil, brownies, marijuana ice cream, gummies, chocolates, etc.
  • The potency that can be yours from consuming cannabis edibles won’t sit just like a snap of a finger as it may take some time for about 30 to 90 minutes. Yet, once it fully sits in, the intensifying impact will last for about 12 hours; indeed, a long day to keep it within your body system.

Cannabis Tinctures

  • Cannabis tinctures are the type of option that is so easy to use and can embrace you with high contents o THC in a quick measure of time.
  • You just need to simply drop some cannabis tinctures within your tongue and let it sit for some minutes. By then, your body can entirely savor the weeds content.
  • Like the cannabis edibles, a time of 20 minutes is the sitting time until the cannabis tincture will entirely cover your body system.


Among the idea of utilizing weed, many would rely on normally rolling papers and then smoke it. Yet, if an event kicks you that you are now out of papers intended for your cannabis, then you need to acknowledge the different ways on how to smoke weed without papers. Utilizing weed doesn’t only rely on the single idea of just smoking it through papers as there are wide assortments of ways you can do so.

Smoking is the most mainstream way that many have conceded to fall in best, but little did they know they are limiting their idea on the real concepts of how to acquire the compounds and potency of weed in various cases. As then, you should learn how to smoke weed without papers as this will lead you to the lightness of utilizing weed not cornering only the single idea that is smoking through papers.


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