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Learning How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Learning How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Micro-dosing is one of the best ways to control your urge to consume cannabis. However, if you’re one of those people who have the time and weed to smoke the hell out of it, then you should try moon rocks. This ultra-potent and very affordable way to take yourself into space are one of the most popular and trendy ways to smoke cannabis. 

If you are very eager on learning how to smoke moon rocks, you have to know what moon rock is first. This is a type of cannabis product, nuggets (nugs) in particular that have been cured, covered in kief (sifted dried cannabis), and soaked in hash oil (cannabis concentrate either THC or CBD). 

Moon rocks are a must-have if you are a stoner because of its potency that will surely knock you off your feet. Moon rocks are the best reminder that there is nothing wrong with getting too high in this era where cannabis is slowly getting acceptance in the watchful eyes of society. 

Why should you try smoking moon rocks? How do you smoke them the proper way? No worries though, in this post, let us talk about the entire process for the benefits of every stoner that reads this. 

Why you should smoke moon rocks? 

This is often used as an alternative of stoner hacks which gives them a lot of high without putting holes in their pockets. Moon rocks are usually sold at $30 per gram which is affordable enough for a high that is so intense it is not recommended for newbies in cannabis smoking. 

If you come to think of it, Moon rocks should be considered a luxury item because of how it is made and what ingredients are used in making it. A moon rock is like a gourmet product from an expensive Italian deli store that serves expensive cheeses and cold cuts. Contrastingly, this stuff is made so that you can always have a bang for your buck especially if you want to get high, but do not want to spend a lot of money. 

A lot of stoners out there make their DIY moonrocks in the very comfort of their homes because it is cheaper to make one. 

How to smoke moon rocks? 

You can either use a bong or the traditional joint, it all depends on your personal preferences when smoking moon rocks. However, you need to have these things first before you get too excited. 

  • A gram or two of moon rocks
  • A gram or two of cannabis flower (your preferred strain)
  • A sharp knife or blade
  • Your smoking device (pipe or bong)
  • A lighter
  • A rolling tray

If you can gather all this needed stuff to smoke a moon rock, then let us proceed on the proper way to smoke them. Remember that these steps in smoking moon rocks properly is applicable for people who have not experienced smoking it. If you are already a hustler in smoking weed, you should skip this part of the post. 

  • Step 1- Take a nugget of moon rock and place it on your rolling tray. 
  • Step 2- Using your knife or blade, cut the nugget into smaller chunks. The size should be small enough to fit in your smoking device. 
  • Step 3- Take your smoking device (bong or pipe) and apply enough amount of flowers either on its bowl or pipe. 
  • Step 4- Add the moon rock chunk on top of the flower. 
  • Step 5- Sprinkle flowers or ground cannabis on the bowl or the joint to add more potency. (This step is optional. Just add this if you want an extra kick with your moon rocks). 
  • Step 6- Start burning the moon rock using the lighter in low fire. Once it starts to melt and sizzle on the flower below it, turn off the fire. (Warning: Do not touch the sizzling moon rock because it will just burn you.)
  • Step 7: Start inhaling the smoke until the burnt moonrock and cannabis the flower starts to turn glowing red because of the combustion and heat. 
  • Step 8: Enjoy the dense and very thick cloud of smoke coming from your smoking device. Be careful though because moon rocks are so potent, even seasoned stoners coughs uncontrollably, so take it slow and low. 
  • Step 9: Share it with your friends- Moon rocks are meant to be shared. You cannot finish one single nugget on your own because of its potency, so you need your buddies for a session.

Why are they called moon rocks? 

These are called moon rocks because of its one-of-a-kind high that virtually takes you to outer space. Moon rocks are cannabis buds that are harvested, cured, and soaked in hash oil or cannabis oil concentrate and then covered with kief.

Moon rocks nowadays are like home-made cookies since stoners are very eager to make their moon rocks at their homes since they have the freedom to experiment with the ingredients, they are mixing in making it. They can use a mixture of Indica and Sativa strains or have it a pure Sativa or pure Indica moon rocks. 

Moon rocks take pride with its name because it contains more than 60-percent of THC which is twice higher in potency compared to your average joint. If you want to walk on the surface of the moon, these should be your go-to stuff. 

Where do moon rocks come from? 

Moon rocks were first made from Starbudz60 dispensary according to cannabis historians. There is no clear explanation of why people from Starbudz60 experimented with their weed and ended up making the first moon rocks. 

Moon rocks were not that popular before until American rapper Kurupt included it on the lyrics of one of his tracks back in the 90s where cannabis is still illegal in most parts of the United State. Because of Kurupt, moon rocks became popular and as a tribute to him, there is a variety of moon rock named after him which is available in the majority of dispensaries in the U.S and Canada. 

Aside from its potency, why do people love moon rocks? 

Moon rocks are not just known for its potency and unparalleled high that a stoner can experience. People love moon rocks because it is made from the top-quality cannabis strains from the nuggets, hash oil, and kief, not to mention its affordable price. 

Since it is made from top-quality cannabis, you will surely enjoy and fall in love with its flavor and aroma. Usually, moon rocks have a fruity, piney, and woody flavors because of the buds and kief that are used in making it. 

The type of high the user experiences in smoking moon rock is usually euphoric and uplifting. They feel so light that they are like floating. Their negative thoughts are erased instantly once the high kicks in. They feel happy, motivated, and ultra-relaxed. They feel like floating in space. Also, the high lasts for hours. 

Moon rocks are usually served at parties and come over. This is used for socializing because of its ability to turn a sad person very happy and giggling. Some people claim that when they use moon rocks, they feel very positive and energized, while some feel very sleepy and relaxed. 

The most common buds that are used in making moon rocks are from Girl Scout Cookies or GSC while its hash oil or concentrate comes from various types of strains depending on the user’s preferences. 

Pro tips when smoking moon rocks efficiently

Not everyone is familiar with the proper method that should be followed in smoking moon rocks, that is why it is better to seek the pros’ advice on how to maximize its greatness without wasting anything or risking yourself from ruining it all by improvising your method of smoking it. 

So, here are some pro tips that are always handy whenever you smoke moon rocks. 

  1. Dedicate a considerable amount of time when smoking it- Moon rocks contain very high THC content that is why its high lasts for hours. If you are planning to smoke moon rocks anytime soon, you have to set aside also a considerable amount of time, preferably during your days off or the weekend where you have nothing more to do. Make sure you smoke it in the evening so that you can rest after your session. 
  2. Smoke it during the evening- It is also highly advisable to smoke moon rocks in the evening so that you are already done with all the stuff you needed to work with during the day. Moon rocks are just very powerful that its intoxication lasts for many hours and this might affect you physically and mentally so, you have to smoke it after work or after school. 
  3. Eat well and hydrate well before you smoke it- It is extremely important that you eat a hearty meal and drinks lots of water or your drink of choice before you smoke moon rocks. High levels of THC cause dehydration and cottonmouth. This also increases your appetite and nausea so do not ever, we repeat, do not smoke moon rocks in an empty stomach. It is preferable to bring a bottle of water or soda on your side whenever you are having moon rock sessions with your buddies. 
  4. Smoke it with your buddies- Speaking of buddies, do not smoke moon rocks alone because there are instances that you might get carried away with its high. It is overwhelming in a way that you are already hallucinating of something, so make sure that your buddies are on your side to look after you and you can also look after them. Moon rocks are meant to share just like what was mentioned in the first part of this post. Share it with the people you want to be with so that you can add more enjoyment and fun. 
  5. Smoke low and slow- Do not get carried away with your excitement when smoking moon rocks because it is just too strong that if you hit a couple of times, you will already the high kicking in, so how much more if you are going hitting it too fast. You will just end up getting knocked out. So, it is better to heat the bowl or joint low and smoke it slowly, puff by puff. Feel its aroma and flavor and enjoy the overall experience. 
  6. Store it properly- Moon rocks are susceptible to get eaten by ants and other insects so make sure you have a sealed container that prevents these insects from munching this great stuff. You can either use a glass or plastic container, but make sure it is tightly sealed and off-limits not just to insects, but kids as well. Proper storing will also extend the shelf life of moon rocks and one effective way to preserve its overall quality. 
  7. Always use tongs when grabbing the moon rocks- You should always use tongs or grabbing tools when you put your moon rocks on the bowl or when you roll it to a joint because these are very sticky and thick. It is very difficult to remove it on your hands. This is also hygienic because your hands can be dirty and grabbing moon rocks with your hands can spoil it.
  8. Use a bong instead- Rolling a joint using moon rocks is a messy way to smoke it. Your rolling paper can be drenched in hash oil. Also, it is very difficult to roll a joint with moon rocks since you have to flatten it and slice it in very small pieces so that you can roll it properly. Instead, use a bong so that you’ll just place it on the bowl and light it up that easy. 


Learning how to smoke moon rocks is easy. It does not need any pro skills for you to learn. Moon rocks are truly a blessing for many stoners out there. This post is just one of the many samples of the different methods of smoking moon rocks. Now that you know how to enjoy it, go ahead and call your buddies and set an ideal time to have a session!


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