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How to Smoke a Joint Like a Pro | Crop King Seeds

How to Smoke a Joint Like a Pro

how to smoke a joint

You’ve already heard about it in the news or saw it in the movies. Smoking weed is a great recreational activity. The goal here is to get high, and learning how to smoke a joint correctly is key to enjoying this activity. The idea of smoking weed might be scary for some, especially for newbies, but the thought of getting high is also very enticing. So, how do you start smoking weed safely and later on, smoke a joint like a pro?

How To Smoke a Joint Properly

The most recommended way for new users to start their weed journey is either through smoking or vaping. Some might tempt you to eat edibles, but the way it is made can be quite overwhelming for newbies. Edibles are notorious for their potency and can take a while before you start to feel its effects. Rolling up a joint or using a bong is a great way to introduce someone to start smoking weed.

Before anything else, it is always best to know your own body first. If you have any respiratory conditions, it is recommended to find other methods to enjoy weed without smoking them. A vaporizer is a great alternative to smoking weed as it does not irritate the lungs as much as smoking does.

  1. The first thing you need to know about how to smoke a joint properly is choosing the right strain of marijuana. There are over thousands and thousands of different strains of weed. Each of them has their strengths, potency, unique flavor, and aroma. Each strain has a different effect on every individual, and finding the best possible strain of weed for you can be a daunting task. For starters, you can always ask an expert and see which ones they can recommend.
    Remember, weed is synonymous with wine. The longer it is cured, the more flavors it possesses. Some dispensaries might offer you two very unique but very broad strains, such as Indica and Sativa, but there are also hundreds and thousands of other strains to choose from.
  2. Dosage and potency are other things that you should consider first before smoking a joint. As mentioned above, different strains hold different potency, so it is best to research which type of weed that you want to smoke. For first time smokers, the potency of a certain can be very overwhelming, It usually takes around 20 minutes before the high slowly kicks in, and around the 30-minute mark, users begin to feel the full effects.
    When it comes to dosage, some people might offer you a certain amount of weed. Never feel pressured into finishing a joint or a bowl. You can always store it or save it for later. You can wait for two hours until you are ready to take in more weed.
  3. The art of rolling a joint has been used since humans have discovered weed. Smoking weed is almost synonymous with rolling a joint. It remains one of the most effective and convenient ways to smoke weed and requires some skill to make the best joint possible. While the first joint that you roll may not be the best, practice will always make it better.
    Begin by gathering your favorite strain of cannabis, rolling paper, and a grinder. Grind your cannabis into finer pieces, or you can use scissors or your hands to grind them up. Fill the joint with the crushed cannabis. Once you have the right amount of weed, roll the joint with your fingers. Pinch the joint and roll it again until it takes shape similar to a cigarette. Tuck one side of the paper into the roll, and there you have it; you are now ready to smoke a joint.
  4. When lighting up a joint, make sure to start at the tip and slowly rotate the joint through your fingers. This will light the joint slowly but evenly, and you get to enjoy it burn as you go. The goal here is to create what is known as a cherry. Cherry is a term used to the portion where the joint is burning as it resembles a cherry shape and color. Lighting a joint is very different from lighting a cigarette.
    Avoid inhaling when you are about to ignite your joint. This will cause uneven cherry and will likely burn through your joint fast. Make sure that the joint has enough heat during the ignition so that it can sustain the cherry.
  5. You can also use a crutch to fully enjoy smoking a joint. A crutch is much like a mouthpiece that is made from glass or pulp. It is mostly used to block any plant material from entering your mouth as you inhale. It also keeps your joints intact and prevents the cherry from reaching your lips or fingers.

Smoke A Joint Like A Pro

Weed smokers always follow a certain code that should be respected at all costs. These are the standards that you need to follow when you smoke a joint, especially when there are others around.

  • It is common to note that the person who rolls up the joint should be the person to ignite and gets the first puff.
  • Learn the puff, puff, and pass rule. You only get two puffs and hand the joint over to the next person. This rule might be applicable in most areas, but others tend to be more lenient when it comes to puffing as many as you want. Also, don’t blow the smoke in people’s faces. It is quite rude for people to do so.
  • Always pass the joint to the left. It is a tradition that has been practiced for years to pass the joint to the left. It establishes a motion to rotate the joint within a circle of people so everyone can enjoy it.
  • Never wet the joint with your saliva. No one likes a soggy joint, and definitely, no one likes to smoke a wet joint with your saliva on it. Make sure to wipe the mouthpiece first before you hand it over to the next person.
  • Lastly, the whole reason why you lit up a joint is to have a good session with your friends. Share the joint with everyone and let the conversations flow as you puff your way to getting high.


Other techniques will help enhance the way you smoke a joint and make it like you are a pro. Once you have the experience of smoking weed, you can enhance your experience even further by eating mango an hour before you start smoking. Another great reminder during your smoking session is to avoid pressuring your peers into smoking more weed. You don’t want to deal with them getting agitated because they were forced to get high. With these in mind, it’s only a matter of time before you begin to learn how to smoke a joint like a pro.


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