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Expert Tips on How to Roll a Joint | Crop King Seeds

Expert Tips on How to Roll a Joint

Expert Tips on How to Roll a Joint

Cannabis’ evolving property did not just prove its cannabinoids, but a series of the mode of consumption, too. Before, the ingestion process involves grounded weeds and mouth. Now, it’s safe to say that level-ups are taking a toll on traditional consumers because almost everyone who lives under legalized marijuana states and countries is learning the basics of rolling a joint.

One of the most iconic ways of consumption is undoubtedly the joint smoking. There are several ways on how to roll a joint, but the most classic is the standard ones due to its popularity among celebrities who promoted it through their platforms and movies. 

Expert or not, if you wish to join the iconic bandwagon, you should have known the steps on how to roll a joint. Of course, aside from joints, there are several methods of ingestion that is preferred by many, too. But, to start with the basics, it would be best to inform yourself about essential steps along with materials and necessities that you should know.

What is Joint?

According to a handful of users, rolling a joint has to be the best way of getting cannabis in your system. Aside from its convenience steps, the full stature itself is less-hassle and ideal for everyday activity. Meaning, the size of it makes it advisable to use any time of the day, and in many places, you wish to have a self-session. One of the downsides of other modes like bongs is the appalling feeling of passersby gawking at your actions. Surely, you wouldn’t want to feel that.

As for definition, the joint is somewhat similar to blunts because ground cannabis is what’s filling its insides. However, the slight difference is that joints can have different rolling covers. In blunts, tobacco wrapper is highly preferable due to the additional potency. But, with joints, the purpose is to take smaller doses for attempting means. So, the low dose is inevitable. 

With the smaller size joint is giving, users are beyond worried that they might burn their hands for consuming it. But, with proper materials and procedures, rest assured that no burns will ever mark your fingertips. Due to that, picking the best filter should be one of the top decisions to choose not because of its extremely safe input but because it stabilizes the smoking experience to taste everything until the last smoke. 

What are the materials that I should have in rolling a Joint?

Before jumping into the necessities, you should know that cannabis strain is the first selection that should undergo careful thought and mindful consideration since the experience will depend on it. The part where you will choose the weed is a matter of preference and tolerance level. Surprisingly, both factors can go together in this case. 

After knowing which strains fit your preference and tolerance level better, the next critical choice is deicing which rolling paper you will be using. The joint cover should not be an issue as long as you rolled it well. The flavors will also be a matter of inclination and favoritism. But, be sure that it can also match well with the strain.

Afterward, the next things to look out for are filter, or what they call as a crutch. As mentioned, the screen should inhibit the possible contact of the joint’s burning end to your fingertips for safety measures. Along with that, you should have an object that will crush your weed, and it would be best if you have a weed grinder though there were alternatives available in your homes. 

Then the next part will be optional, but it would be advisable to provide something that could pack the ground cannabis inside the rolling cover for a heightened experience. If you think you already have the materials inside the comforts of your homes, then you should delve into the procedures and methods.

How to Roll a Joint?

As recalled, there are other steps on how to roll a joint, but if you belong in the beginner’s category, then it would be great to follow the standard methods. Also, you might alter some things if you have other preferences in doing so, which is alright as long as you will end up in the same result. The following are the fundamental and universal process of rolling a joint.

1. Crush the Weeds

Before placing the chosen cannabis strains in any device that will crush it into pieces, ensure that the buds underwent drying process so it won’t bring challenges during the rolling portion. This step is where you will need the weed grinder.

2. Make your filter or crutch / Buy a filter or crutch.

In this step, you have two options to choose from, where you will either make your filter or buy one from the market. But, selecting the former will be an easy task because you will only need cards with a hard surface to proceed.

The first thing to do is to fold it accordingly at each end before rolling the card on your desired width. If you think you won’t be able to perform this flawlessly, purchasing would be the best option.

3. Fill the covers

Grab the rolling papers that you have chosen according to your preference and fill it ground weeds. If you’re new to such a thing, smoking a half gram of pot would be the first step. This step is where you will also place the filters, and you may even fill it with crushed cannabis buds.

4. Pack it up

By pinching the rolling cover back and forth, you should be able to roll it tightly. Before doing this method, you should have already done a bit of shaping in the third step.

5. Roll the joint

This make or break portion is where the entire experience of the smoking joint will rely upon. To make sure that it won’t break or get loose, you will have to apply a bit of moisture. Often, users use their saliva if they will be using the joint themselves, but if you’re doing it for someone, a bit of tap water would be nice. 

6. Enhance and Enjoy

This last part is where you will guarantee that your joint will receive an even burn. In doing so, you have to securely wrap it up and ensure no wounded parts are vulnerable. If you think it’s perfect enough, you could smoke it right away!

Are there other ways on How to Roll a Joint?

If you are already past the level where every step is full of wariness, then you should be able to introduce yourself to other ways on how to roll a joint. But, as a beginner, it would be more helpful to follow the simple step by step procedures to guarantee a fitting outcome.


In smoking weeds, you are free to re-invent and innovate in any way as long as everything is inclined with your preference and tolerance level. Also, there were other modes of ingestion; you could try some and see where you are most comfortable.


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