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How to Roll a Blunt: Tutorial for Beginners | Crop King Seeds

How to Roll a Blunt: Tutorial for Beginners

How to Roll a Blunt: Tutorial for Beginners

In the world of rapid development and innovation, there is one that remains extremely badass roll-up in the world, and that is blunt. For beginner users, the process of how to roll a blunt can be quite tricky, but if you get to know, you will understand how reasonable it could be.

In this article, you will know the step by step tutorial on how to roll a blunt that is friendly for beginners. Get ready to handcraft your own masterpiece with these easy guides, tips, and tutorials. 

What Are Blunts?

In any case, you didn’t know; blunt is rolled up packed of weed. It sounds similar to joints, but the distinction is rather than using an average paper for rolling; it utilizes a hollow cigar wrap. In simple terms, a blunt is from a tobacco cigar, emptied, and replaced with cannabis.

The mixture of wrap from tobacco and cannabis is preferred by many due to its additional thrill and buzz delivered. There are also other types of tobacco wrap that have various flavors that give the blunt an extra kick of experience. However, in terms of how to roll a blunt compared to rolling some joints, it has its own issues too.

Compared to others, blunts are considered to be not the healthiest possible way to get the THC and high you desire. Hence, it is usually great only for special events or occasions. Generally, with some hits from a blunt, it can already be appreciated by the rest as a party appetizer.

How to Roll a Blunt for Beginners

As mentioned, it may sound intimidating, but actually, blunts are pretty easy to make. With this, we created some easy to follow that even beginners will look like a pro. 

Gathering of Materials

To start on how to roll a blunt, gather first the materials required for the process, that includes, your choice of the cannabis strain, a blunt wrap, cigar or any od your preference, but preferably dried out fully, and lastly an optional material for this process, a grinder.

Splitting The Wrap

Initially, you need your tobacco wrap empty. It is an essential step on how to roll a blunt because the content of the tobacco wrap will later be replaced by cannabis. Although recently, there are available blunt wraps that he can purchase around. For the traditional procedures, you may need to split the tobacco using splitter or knife and push the blunt. This way, the emptying of the wrap is perfect, rather than splitting it midway, which could lead to a harder process of rolling it back.

If a splitter or knife is not available around, you can always use your thumb. Have you ever thought why most stoners possess lengthy nails? Well, that is probably because they are splitting blunts throughout the day. Make sure to do splitting surely and slowly than rushing yourself. You don’t want to end up looking like garbage. Throw out the tobacco inside the wrap as they would not be necessary.

Cannabis Preparation

The next step on how to roll a blunt, you must prepare the cannabis strain to be used. Some people may choose to use a grinder to grind their cannabis; however, it is best to use your hand. That’s the reason why grinder is only an optional material.

Generally, blunts have thicker wrapping wall than an average joint. When grinding the cannabis using a grinding machine, chances are it will burn quicker than you expected as compared to the using hands that allow the blunt to slowly take a burn. The grinding by hand will prevent cannabis from getting ground completely, which, preferably, delivers more desirable high. Although the burn will be even, you don’t want you’re blunt to burn at a faster speed.

Place the cannabis nugs sandwiched between your fingers and start rubbing it firmly together. Do this process on how to roll a blunt until they are broken down into desirable pieces. Once you reach the size of the quinoa grain, then it is complete and ready for the next step.

Wet It Up

With the use of little moisture, wet the wrap used to allow easy working with its shape and sealing when accidentally tearing it in small parts. Do not worry; tearing is a normal scenario on how to roll a blunt. If you are rolling a blunt for personal use, wetting can be done with your saliva. However, if the blunt is for other people, then consider tapping water to wet the wrap.

Fill The Wrap

For many blunt rollers, the filling is probably the simplest phase on how to roll a blunt. All you need is to place your wrap down in a clean space and try opening it up slightly. Get the cannabis you recently ground and sprinkle it on the open wrap.

In terms of the amount needed for each wrap, usually, you need approximately one gram to two grams of cannabis. It would suffice the amount enough for a single wrap. It may sound a little bigger than joints, that is normal because blunts are usually larger than joints.

If you have a bigger circle of friends using, you may need more than the usual amount. When sprinkling cannabis, make sure to do it evenly on the wrap since this is not your typical joint that requires a gradual increase of amount on cannabis because of its cone shape. The moment this step is over, you are ready for the next phase on how to roll a blunt.


Tucking can be a bit tricky at first, and this step may need a few practices to master and perform it perfectly. First, you need to roll your cannabis in between your fingers to make it evenly smooth. Make sure that the wrap has enough moisture as it may cause cracking when trying to roll it out. However, if you accidentally crack it when trying out, do not panic. It can still be managed with some gummy adhesive, and surely it will be repaired.

The moment you are done rolling it, do the tucking of the wrap under itself and manage to wet the inner portion of the exposed area from edge to edge. Smooth it out using your fingers alone to avoid any wrinkles. You are almost done on how to roll a blunt properly.

Coated with enough moisture, press the upper end of the wrap and tuck it down over. It should be to sticking properly, and if not, you need more moisture for the wrap. Just avoid having too much moisture and drown the wrap instead.

Roll and Get Baked

This is the final step on how to roll a blunt. After rolling, it still requires to undergo the process of baking. In this particular phase, the blunt is dry out to manage the sealing together properly and motivate equal burning. Run a lighter in a horizontal manner under your blunt and around it. Make sure that you don’t get your blunt too close to the flame because the heat is what we only need here.

Do this back and forth and rotate slowly around the blunt to have an even burn. A simple tip to have a more firm blunt, you can add a little moisture while heating it up by sprinkling little water or toast some saliva. Finally, you are finished how to roll a blunt properly. You can now have some refreshments with your friends.


At first, rolling a blunt can be overwhelming and confusing; however, there are always easy tutorials for newbies out there. Overall, what you need is practice and repeat the process to understand the whole idea of how to roll a blunt. Do not worry if rolling the first time will end up messy and struggling. Once you master it, it becomes a skill that you will forever treasure.


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