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How to Roll a Backwood 101 | Crop King Seeds

How to Roll a Backwood 101

How to Roll a Backwood 101

When you talk about backwoods, you automatically associate them with the prestige of smoking spectacle. Ask any respected rapper, and they will mostly tell you that they opt to use backwoods. It could be because they are the most extravagant since they carry large numbers of weeds. Or maybe because rolling them is somehow perceived as a form of art.

How to roll a backwood? If this is your first time to hear about backwoods, you might wonder why they are gaining such controversy? In this article, you will learn the steps of rolling backwoods. 

What is Backwood?

So, what is Backwoods that you have heard all this time? Introduced in 1973, Backwoods is already present for decades but manage to keep its fame in the community of smoking.

Backwood is a kind of cigar that is available in large variants of flavors and sizes at many smoke shops and gas stations throughout the country. The primary thing that separates them from other cigar brands is that they are formulated from unrefined tobacco that considerably looks like a Fronto leaf.

Backwoods are squishier than the typical cigarillo wrap. And since they are developed from an entire leaf, you should be cautious of the veins if re-rolling or un-wrapping them. These types of wraps also provide a lot of rougher and nicotine-bearing hits. Hence, you should be mindful if you puff one.

Knowing the fact that they were created from a tobacco leaf, it is most likely that they also bring similar health hazards that apply to any kind of tobacco product. In the US, the primary reason for death and preventable diseases is the tobacco, and must not be consumed by anyone who is not in the legal age, or any person who is breastfeeding or pregnant.

And what makes the many people utilize Backwoods as blunts rather than using the other brands? It is a fact that this brand is the favorite of Mac Dre, a rap legend. And he affirmed that when smoking weed, the experience is not good without using Backwood. Different from other kinds of cigars, Backwoods are made to unwrap through the hand, which lets the guts to come to pass unrefined simultaneously.

Although the leaf is more susceptible to breakage and more difficult to obtain to stick, Backwoods are amazingly simple to roll. With minimal to no effort at all, you can create a blunt that is pleasant and firm. And broad at that, the cigars can carry more weeds compared to an average wrap. Some smokers have even rolled successfully as great as an eighth of weed using one cigar wrap.

Guides on How to Roll a Backwood

When talking about blunts, every cannabis enthusiast has their favorite. But, as many aficionados can affirm, several blunts have a flavor that is quite as pleasant as backwoods. Different from other brands, backwoods has 100 percent natural tobacco leaf. 

The tobacco is made aged before finding its way into the cigar. This process of aging augments the flavor of the plant, exhibiting its unrefined sweetness and caramel tinges. 

Although Backwoods are tasty on their own, you cannot find any other way of pairing the excellently cured tobacco than complementing it with your desired herb. However, rolling an excellent Backwoods can be deceptive. But you can be certain that you can find it out in an instant if you obey the easy steps.

When rolling a backwood, you must first prepare the materials before you prepare yourself for the steps involved. Here are the things that you need to gather:

  • A backwood cigar
  • Minimum of 1 gram cannabis
  • Steaming water

It is also recommended that you secure a rolling tray because you will be disposing of the old contents of the tobacco and fill up the shell with baggy weeds. Until you master the steps, expect the entire process to be a little messy. But fortunately, the steps required are relatively easy provided that you carry them out with a bit of competence.

After preparing the materials, you then carry out the procedure on how to roll a backwood:


Now is the time that you get your jar and choose your choice of buds. Break down the sticky and sweet nugs to achieve a more suave smoke.

Grinding the cannabis is important when rolling a backwood because the delicate leaf is prone to tears from offending seeds and stems. Make sure that you are only utilizing buds, and that you are grinding them finely.

You will like to use a minimum of 1 gram of bud to create a beautiful fat blunt. Any bud that is lesser than the preferred quantity may appear strangely slender and get away from the ratio of the leaf of tobacco to weed, creating an undesirable flavor.

Using one and a half grams of buds can produce a large blunt, without necessarily becoming very hefty.

Wet and Unwrap

This is the step where the steaming hot water gets in. Carry the backwood on top of steaming water placed on a pot and reel it like a grill style to soften the leaf. Immediately when you sense that it is starting to open, you may start unrolling your leaf and isolating it from the tobacco.

The first one you will observe about Backwoods is that one of its ends is more firmly wrapped compared to the other. Begin unwrapping cigar from the end that is firmly wrapped and gradually untangle the leaf. The key gesture to rolling is to perform with a slow but steady hand. This is important because the leaf is easy to tear, which may destroy a perfectly ideal cigar.

Take it slowly to make sure that every freshly shown piece of leaf receives the moisture produced by the steam. It is important not to tear the leaf during this time because that will only make the process of rolling back up a lot harder.

The traditional approach passes up the steam generally and demands for a great volume of saliva to wet the leaf. Make sure that you have not smoked before trying this since cottonmouth can drive wrest on things.  


The moment the leaf is completely unwrapped, you will see the tobacco to turn out easily. During this time, you have to moisten the inner part of the leaf. This implies a lot of spitting if you opt to perform the traditional approach.

Once softened fully, you can equally lay the cannabis in your wrap. Employ a systematic roll, compressed, and roll technique, pushing down with the thumbs up firmed before gently rolling. Rolling is the most intricate part and will require some practice and patience to make the best blunt. Start rolling by inserting the rounded edge of the backwood firmly encompassing the flower. Keep doing it to ensure that the round end remains firm while you roll.

Do not be disappointed if you find yourself doing the steps forever! It is not just your fancy idea. You should understand that there must be plenty of finesse involved in learning the process of rolling a backwood to excellence. 


A good seal guarantees the blunt remains rolled, and that included yet greater moisture. To do this, you must steam it again, or get ready to moisten with your saliva the entire outer part of the blunt. If you are specific to details, you can smoothen the other edge by using some scissors if you want a neat end appearance.

The final thing to perform is to allow it to dry for 5 minutes to make sure that everything is set. 

Why Roll a Backwood?

Although this kind of cigars contains higher nicotine compared to other brands, blunt connoisseurs recognize it as an advantage. The blend of herb and nicotine provides a unique kind of buzz. Veteran smokers who established a tolerance towards nicotine may feel that they experience an explosion of energy and a bit more improved high after ingesting Backwoods.

However, beginners who have not conditioned their lungs to this kind of substance may end up with a crucial condition of being dazed.

Another thing why a lot of people roll a backwood is that they develop an enduring burning. Whether smoking with yourself alone after a tiring day or burning one together with your friends, any occasion will always be suitable for rolling a backwood.

Backwoods are more extravagant compared to other brands. However, if you are searching for better taste and good quality, these types of cigars are worth spending a little more. New variants of wraps are advancing to roll out; however, it is fair to mention that Backwoods endure the challenges of time.


Although the steps involved in how to roll a backwood are quite easy, it requires a little testing to familiar the distinct composition and rolling aberrations of the wraps. It will be worthy of trying backwoods. You might just experience and attest to why they are the favorite of many people.


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