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How to Preserve Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

How to Preserve Marijuana Seeds

preserve marijuana seeds

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways for growers and cannabis users to be able to properly preserve the good condition of these cannabis seeds. It does not merely involve one to just store them anywhere and wait for that perfect time for you to generate them. In fact, if you are not able to properly preserve these seeds, you are in it for some bad start and surely you will have a fail cannabis plant.

What are the factors to consider in preserving cannabis seeds?

There are a lot of things to consider while preserving the cannabis seeds. But basically, there are three main elements that are necessary here in order to ensure the good preservation of the cannabis seeds. These three elements to consider are air humidity, temperature and finally, the light. They are the determinants to cannabis preservation.

How does air humidity affect preservation?

It should be noted that brisk and quick temperatures vacillations and also air humidity itself would make your cannabis seeds less preserved. Thus, the best solution here is to always place your seed in an air tight plastic container and to always keep them in dark areas.

How does preservation affect the growth of cannabis?

One should bear in mind that marijuana seeds are by themselves considered living organisms already. But during its preservation, they may be still living but they are currently in that state of rest. Once they get to be in contact with humidity or with other elements, the germination process will be triggered already.

What are the best ways to preserve cannabis seeds?

Aside from placing them in dark places, it would help to seal them in a plastic container and to ensure that they are vacuum packed. Moreover, it is also best to place them in a refrigerator to avoid oscillating temperature. But it is also not wise to put them there very often.


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