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How to Make Moon Rocks Like a Pro | Crop King Seeds

Make Moon Rocks Like a Pro

Make Moon Rocks Like a Pro

Haven’t you heard about moon rocks? Are you curious about it? Are you interested in learning about how to make moon rocks like a pro? Then, you have to know the steps and the processes of making it. If you are searching for an article about moon rocks, then this is the perfect article for you.

In this article, you will be able to learn more about moon rocks, their definition, as well as the process of making moon rocks. All you need to do is to be familiarized with the ingredients as well as you need to understand the processes. Before you learn what the ways and steps are, let us dig deeper into the definition of moon rocks. By this, you would be able to learn everything about moon rocks. Let us now begin to explore.

Moon Rocks: Brief Definition and Description

Don’t you have any idea as to what moon rocks are? Well, if you have not tried getting very high to the extent that you can no longer sense your eyebrows, then you can try consuming moon rocks. They are considered champagne in the world of cannabis. Moon rocks are made of various products of pot that are being rolled to make it one. You have to remember that they are so potent. The feature of them is similar to the moon rocks. They will be able to give a very high effect on the users.

You might be curious about how they are being made. Well, moon rocks can be made through the marijuana nugget wherein it can be dipped in and spayed with the concentrate or even with the hash oil. The marijuana strain Girl Scout Cookies are the usual strain used in making the moon rocks. You can make it with the concentrate and the flower. However, you can make moon rocks using other types of strains.

Make sure to roll the nugget that is coated into the kief. You can also call kief as dry sift or even pollen. When you say kief, it is those crystals that are sticky that can be found in the marijuana flower. These crystals have compounds of cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

You need to know that the potency of the moon rocks will depend on many factors such as the process and ways on how it is being made, the person who is consuming it, as well as in the ingredients that are being used. However, there will be about a 50 % level of THC in the moon rocks.

In smoking moon rocks, you can consume it just like how you consume cannabis nugs. The effects of using moon rocks will depend on the strains that are used in making them as well as the users’ tolerance. If you are new to getting high from cannabis, then you have to expect some intense effects. Another thing is that when you use large amounts of them, then you need to expect an increase in intensity with their effects.

How to Make Moon Rocks like a Pro: Steps and Ways in making them

Have you already understood things about moon rocks? Then, the next step for you is to know the steps and the ways on how to make moon rocks like a pro. It is important that you know the ingredients in making it first and then follow the process. Let us find out what the ingredients and the process are.

Things to prepare:

Marijuana strain – You can choose any strain you like. Make sure that when you choose a strain, it should be suitable for you so that you will have a good moon rock experience. Take note to provide buds that are whole and not the shake.

Marijuana Kief – This is also known as dry sift or pollen. You should prepare kief in the process of making moon rocks. If you are not familiar with the kief, well, they are the crystals that you can find on your marijuana flower. They are glittery trichomes.

Hash cannabis oil – You need to prepare a hash oil because you will need it in making moon rocks.

Dropper – You can also use a small brush if you do not have any dropper at home.

Tweezers- Another option to use is the tongs.

What to do?

You need to choose a bud with your preference. The size of the buds should be proportionate with the quantity of the hash oil as well as the amount of kief you prepared.

This is the step wherein you have to use the dropper or the small brush you have. In this step, you need the drizzling method of the hash oil onto your bud. Make sure that the buds are fully covered with the hash oil; however, saturation should not be allowed.

In picking up your hash oil that is used to cover the bus and in rolling the kief in, you need to use the tweezers. If you do not have it, you can use tongs.You have to dry your buds well.

If you have made the process above, then you can already smoke it. However, in smoking it, you need to break your bud in half so that you can see their layers as well as the layers of your moon rock that is minted.

Reminders and some tips:

If you are searching for a good way of mixing strains, then moon rock is a great way for that. You can try the kief of Jack Herrer and you can mix it with the flower of Diesel strain and the hash of Bubba Kush.

It would be better to use clean paraphernalia in smoking moon rocks. You can use piper, bong, hash bowl, and even bubbler. You can use Hemp Wick for the light use of moon rocks; it is for you to get the incredible taste.


If you are getting interested in moon rocks, you have to know about them first. By knowing about it, you will be able to understand the effects it will have on you when you smoke it. Aside from that, you will be able to get some tips and reminders as well.

When it comes to the process of how to make moon rocks like a pro, then you can rely on the listed tips above. They can be very useful on how to make your moon rocks. You need to understand the steps carefully and you need to prepare the tools and ingredients needed for the procedure.


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