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How to Make Marijuana Seeds Flower Early | Crop King Seeds

How to Make Marijuana Seeds Flower Early

Marijuana Seeds Flower Early

During the cultivation process of your marijuana plant, you can make use of various techniques to help make the plants develop in a much better way. Among the many techniques which have been commonly exploited is the early flowering of the plants. Generally, this is quite advantageous for the growers, considering that it could help shortening the cycle thus giving the farmers the chance to harvest several times a year.

What’s the basis of early flowering?

The basis of early flowering is on the schedule of the lighting provided. By simply turning your light schedule to 12/12, you can be able to make your marijuana plants grow flowers almost immediately. The 12/12 method is basically providing your plants with 12 hours or light and 12 hours of darkness. Hence, to keep this in sync with the natural daylight, you will need to switch the lights at 7AM, then switch them off at 7PM. To remove the stress and possible failure of switching the lights on and off, it is recommended to install automated timers that will be the ones to carry out the process.

How do you make your plants flower early?

You can force your plants to flower when they are still young, usually 2-3 weeks old. It’s mainly because during this phase that your plants could easily adapt to the changes in the environment. You can also place the plants in 12/12 light schedule while still in seed form.

The problem with forcing the plants to flower early is that you can get fewer yields considering that the plants are pretty small. Also, it makes it quite hard for the plants to recover once they have been infected by pests or any other diseases. Hence, it is pretty advisable for your plants to grow to at least 3 weeks before you decide to switch to the flowering stage.


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