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How to Make a Cannabis-infused Apple Pie at Home

How to Make a Cannabis-infused Apple Pie at Home

Have you visited a dispensary before? You might have noticed that aside from the usual display of various strains of weed, there is also a wide array of edibles that you can choose from if you’re not a fan of smoking weed. Edibles are one of the best alternatives to get high with weed. You can even find a recipe about “how to make an apple pie” or “how to make an apple pie.”

A fair warning though for those that mistaken this post as an innocent apple pie recipe. No, this is not your typical apple pie recipe that you can cook for your kids at home. This is infused with cannabis oil which is very commonly used in cooking edibles.

However, if you have a broader mind, edibles, in particular, are food items that you can purchase at dispensaries which are pre-made, manufactured, and packaged treats that are all infused with cannabis oil. These are very accessible nowadays compared to a few years ago.

Since cannabis is widely legalized in North America, people tend to cook recipes that are infused with cannabis oil instead of buying edibles at dispensaries. This is because they can add or have less more cannabis oil or concentrate on their recipe along with other ingredients or in short, they can tweak their recipes the way they want it to.

Cooking at home and infusing it with cannabis is a great way to enjoy its benefits even more, especially to those who are not just budget-conscious, but also to people who are conscious of their health since a lot of edibles at dispensaries are too sweet and packed with carbs.

Cooking cannabis edibles in the very comfort of your home is the best way to get high from your stash. One of the best recipes and surely worth everyone’s precious time is the timeless apple pie recipe that is infused with cannabis.

How do you make a cannabis apple pie?

In this post, you will learn how to cook an apple pie and infuse it with cannabis, and beyond that let us discuss other relevant things such as the different benefits of cannabis used in cooking, and a bonus guide about how to make an apple pie.

People love apples because of its tangy, tarty, and of course, its sweet indulging flavor making it a timeless household dessert that you can enjoy fresh off the oven or served chilled especially if it is paired with your favorite flavor of ice cream or just topping it with whipped cream.

It will become extra special if you add cannabis to it. According to those who experienced cooking apple pie infused with cannabis, they said that the dessert was taken to a whole new level of flavor and was also great in making them buzzing high.

Apple pie in general already brings warmth and adding cannabis to it will surely give you a different kind of experience that will leave you euphoric and utterly satisfied. This recipe will surely please you not just because of its flavor and taste, but because of its very easy recipe that anyone can make at the very comfort of their homes.

This recipe of cannabis-infused apple pie does not entirely follow the traditional way of making it, but rather it has followed a strudel kind of recipe that will be starting from the crust itself to the filling.

For the crust ingredients, you need to have these:

2.5 cups all-purpose flour
8 tablespoons of cannabutter (cannabis butter)
8 tablespoons of any unsalted butter or just your regular butter
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
½ cup of cold water (preferably ice water)

For the filling, here are the ingredients you need:

5 pieces large apples (peeled & cored already)
1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1.5 teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon salt

Mixing instruction for the pie’s crust:

Step 1: Soften up your cannabutter and your unsalted or regular butter on the side. Just soften it using the room temperature for about half an hour.

Step 2: Using a mixing bowl, start combining your sugar, salt, and your all-purpose flour.

Step 3: Add your softened cannabutter and regular or unsalted butter by using a spatula or your hands and make sure you thoroughly mix it all up. If you have a blender or a mixer, it would be better to use those.

Step 4: If the dough starts to become coarser, you can start to add cold water or ice water. Add the water gradually starting at ¼ cup and gradually mix it with the dough. Make sure that the dough is crumbly, however, it should have a sticky consistency when you press it with your hands. If this consistency and texture are not yet achieved, you can add more water, just one tablespoon gradually until the desired texture and consistency is achieved. Adding water makes sure that the crust is crumbly and flaky.

Step 5: start transferring half of the dough mixture on a cling wrap or plastic wrap and shape it into a round disk form which has about 2-centimeters thickness. Repeat this kind of process until you make two of these disk-shaped doughs. Do not remove the plastic, instead, leave it there and put the dough in your fridge for about 60 minutes or longer than that.

Mixing instruction for the pie filling:

Step 1: start peeling your apples and slice them into smaller squares or shapes. After that, make sure you have a bowl with water to place the sliced and peeled apples.

Step 2: Add lemon juice to the bowl of water after you are done peeling and slicing the apples. Leave the soaked apples in lemon-infused water for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Start combining all the other ingredients using your mixing bowl while you wait for the apples to get soaked up.

Step 4: Remove the apples from the bowl of water and add them to your mixing bowl along with the other ingredients. Make sure to mix the ingredients thoroughly until it completely coats the apples.

Cooking instruction for the entire pie:

Step 1: Start rolling out the doughs and place them on your preferred baking pan to create the base of the pie.

Step 2: Fill the base of your pie with the apple filling.

Step 3: Add butter (cannabutter preferably) above the apple filling and spread it evenly.

Step 4: Place the other dough at the top of the pie filling as this will serve as the top cover of the entire pie.

Step 5: Using the blunt side of the knife, start pressing the edges of the dough until it completely seals the pie together.

Step 6: While you’re finishing filling up the baking pan, start preheating your oven to 200-degree Celsius.

Step 7: Before placing the pie into the oven, make sure to cover the top with aluminum foil so that it will not get burnt.

Step 8: After placing the pie in the oven, bake it for 50 minutes to an hour. Wait until the pie’s cover is already turned to a golden brown.

Step 9: After baking the pie, you can either serve it hot or chilled along with your favorite sides!

Congratulations! You just successfully baked a cannabis-infused apple pie! Enjoy it with your buddies and fellow stoners! If you want to make your apple pie more potent, do not hesitate to add more cannabutter, or you can use your preferred cannabis oil that you can add to your mixture of ingredients.

What are the benefits of using cannabis for edibles and cooking?

Taking advantage of cannabis’s therapeutic abilities should be well understood before using it. In medical cannabis, the term decarboxylation is commonly used by experts. This is a very crucial process in cooking or making edibles as well as manufacturing medicines with cannabis.

Cannabis’s therapeutic properties are greatly maximized if it is heated to a particular temperature which cannot be done when you eat it raw since our digestive system cannot reach a relatively high temperature. However, the main disadvantage of decarboxylation is that you will certainly lose the aroma and flavor of the cannabis which is eradicated during the process.

This will be removed especially if you are adding other ingredients to it. You will not be able to distinguish the aroma and the flavor of the cannabis that you’ve infused into the ingredients especially if it is already processed into an oil, concentrate, or canna butter just like what is used above for the ingredient for the apple pie.

However, this does not mean that you lose all the quality of the cannabis when you mix it with other ingredients and cook it. You will still get high. Cannabis that is ingested provides more psychoactive effects than the ones you smoke.

The reason behind this is that the THC or CBD content in the cannabis ingredient you used with your apple pie and other edibles are digested, thus it will be thoroughly absorbed in your system compared to inhaling it which goes straight to your lungs. It may take a considerable amount of time to feel the psychoactive effects of cannabis when ingested compared to smoking but be warned because you will get higher with it.

Also, ingesting cannabis is a lot safer and more enjoyable than smoking. If you have asthma and want to get high with cannabis, your best option is to purchase and consume edibles or infuse your cannabis with your favorite dishes or ingredients like apple pie.

Speaking of apples, here is our bonus content in this post which is the proper way of making an apple pipe for weed smoking.

How to make an apple pie?

If you have spare apples that you did not use when you made the cannabis-infused apple pie, then you should try making a DIY apple pie if you’re planning to smoke some weed. There is nothing to worry about because making an apple pipe is as easy as building Lego blocks.

In this part of the post, you will see how you make an apple pie using only a piece of apple (whole piece, not peeled), a pen, a toothpick, and your favorite strain.
This is more organic compared to smoking weed from a can which causes many health complications in the long run.

Apple pie is one of the most popular and easiest DIY smoking devices especially for those who don’t have anything to use when they badly want to smoke weed. Just make sure you follow all the instructions below so that you can successfully build an apple pie.

Step 1: Cut the stem of the apple as this will serve as your weed’s bowl. Do not apply any tinfoil in it, just use your toothpick and start poking the center of the hole of the apple. Poke it straight down where you once removed the stem.

Step 2: Poke eight holes, deep enough on the surrounding areas of the main hole you poked earlier. These will serve as your bowl’s walls where you can get to smoke easily through the apple.

Step 3: Use the pen’s tube and empty everything inside. Poke the pen tube inside the apple so that it makes a round-shaped tunnel that will serve as an intersection between the vertical holes you poked earlier with a toothpick. While the tube of the pen is still inside the apple, proceed to spin it a couple of times and pull it out so that you can suck out the meat from the hole you made leaving you with a very clean circular shape in it.

Step 4: Empty the tube from the apple’s meat or innards and stick it back to the hole as this will now serve as your mouthpiece when you smoke the apple pie. Also, this will help you inhale the smoke easily rather than sticking your mouth in the hole.

Step 5: Fill the bowl with your favorite strain of weed and start lighting it up. After you’ve light it up, start inhaling all the good stuff.


Regardless if you want to learn how to make an apple pie or an apple pie to give you a whole new experience, be sure to consume cannabis moderately so that this will not ruin your expectations, and your experience.


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