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Definitive Guide on How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors | Crop King Seeds

Definitive Guide on How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

Definitive Guide on How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

As a cannabis cultivator, the most awaited part of your cannabis journey will always be harvest time! After long weeks of taking care of your cannabis buds, its time to enjoy the fruit of your harvest time! After long weeks of taking care of your cannabis buds, its time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Perhaps you are satisfied with the quality of buds that you were able to harvest. But did you know that there are ways on how to grow bigger buds outdoors? Yes. Making some extra efforts in taking care of your cannabis plants can produce bigger buds and eventually bigger yield.

If you are an outdoor cannabis grower, you may find the experience a bit challenging, especially because you depend so much on the natural factors. You get disappointed f you don’t achieve your goal of producing big buds and a top-quality yield. Thanks to cannabis experts for discovering the ways on how to grow bigger buds outdoors. If you are an outdoor cannabis grower and would like to grow bigger buds, then this article is for you.

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors?

Growing cannabis outdoors may seem east at a glance. All you need to do is to find the right spot with access to good soil, water, air, and light. Planting your cannabis is easy thinking that it is a very versatile plant and can deal with thrive in different growing environments. If you want to produce better yield, then you need to make an extra effort in taking care of your plants.

When you grow cannabis, you just don’t bury them and expect them to thrive just like in the wild. Cultivate them properly and provide them with their basic need. But in growing bigger buds, you may need some training for your plants to grow healthier. Here are the factors to consider in growing bigger buds outdoors:


Plant training is the basic and the most important thing to do for your cannabis plant to grow bigger buds. Training means manipulating the cannabis plant for it to grow more bud sites, which will result in bigger yield outdoors.

If you ask why is training helpful for the cannabis plant to grow better yield, the answer is that the cannabis plant grows in a Christmas Tree or menorah shape. When this happens, some parts of the plants ate not exposed to the sun or getting the right nutrients. When this happens, the important parts of the plants are not getting all the supplements that they need; thus, it grows but wasn’t able t maximize its yield.

You can crop your plants via high-stress-training or low-stress training methods. This method tying up the top branches so the other branches will be exposed and be fully developed. By doing so, the growth hormones can also be distributed to the other parts of the plant resulting in growth in all parts of the plant.


Pruning is a method where you are removing the unwanted parts of the plant that competes on getting the nutrients that are intended for the main parts of the plant. These are dead leaves and branches that are no longer useful for the plants. These plant materials are not contributing anything to your plant’s growth. Instead, they compete and get the nutrients that are intended to be useful parts of the plant.

In removing these unwanted leaves and branches, make sure to use a clean pair of gloves and scissors. It should be clean as much as possible so that it won’t cause any disease to the plant, and it should be sharp to avoid stressing the plant.

By pruning your cannabis plant, it will lead to better and bigger buds because you have removed the parts that are unwanted and remove the parts that are covering other healthy areas. Nothing is blocking all parts of your plant, so they get all the light and nutrients that they need.

Feeding with Additional Nutrients

Though growing outdoors means that you might have anchored your plant to healthy soil, additional nutrients can be very helpful for them to grow healthier. Feeding the plants correctly with the right nutrients will contribute to producing bigger buds. It is also that if you are using soil as a medium, make sure that you have the right pH.

An important element that the plant need is Nitrogen and phosphorous to keep the buds bigger and healthy. You can also feed your cannabis plant with compost tea by mixing it into the soil. It will help develop a mycorrhizal relationship between the mycelium and the soil. If you have more mycelium, then you are assured of bigger and better buds.

Also, important to regularly water the plants but do not overwater. Water delivers the nutrients to the plant’s root so it can be absorbed by the plants. It goes through the roots and the rest of the plant parts.


To grow healthy, any cannabis plant needs to be exposed to the right exposure to lights. As your cannabis plant grows outdoors, you may think that they get the best exposure to the light, but little did you know that some parts of the pant are covered; thus, they are not getting the light exposure that they need.

To resolve the issue, you need some pruning or training to give these parts access to light. Without light exposure to light, those parts of the plants will grow weak and eventually die. They become unhelpful to the plant, and also they compete for the food; thus, the plant cannot produce its maximum yield.

Good Ventilation

This is very important, even if you are growing outdoors. Make sure that your plants are situated in a place with good ventilation because they need carbon dioxide. Good ventilation will allow a huge amount of carbon dioxide that your plant can use.


Knowing how to grow bigger buds outdoors may entail some extra work, but it can be rewarding. Yes, it can be a challenge, but having bigger buds and better harvests will pay off all the hard work. This is every outdoor cultivator’s dream, so if you want to achieve your goal of producing bigger buds, then better start working on those plants. Good luck!


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