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How to Grind Weed Like an Expert

How to Grind Weed Like an Expert

Smoking weed is an entirely basic procedure that you can do. Toss it in a container and roll it up to some paper, breaking it, or any method will do as long as you find it good. In any case, the sorts of methods on consuming weed are excessively wide, but one of the known things is smoking a grind weed.

Utilizing a grind weed would not solely come up to a process of easily utilizing it as you need the basic step, which is to grind the weed. As such, this paper will tell you how to grind weed. Grinding weed like an expert covers various systematic ways, and this is all about using a weed grinder and the other means with no assistance from the weed grinder. 

How to Grind Weed: The Systematic Way

The typical device on how to grind weed is through using a weed grinder. Weed grinder can be taken anywhere as it simply sits within your bag as this device is not so big. Knowing how to use the weed grinder is just simple and any of you can do it without prior knowledge.

As then, here is the systematic way on how to grind your weed like an expert with the help of the super good weed grinder.

  1. The initial step comprises of appropriately stacking your weed inside the weed grinder. Weed grinders are not the type of modern grinder that will grind any sort of size of weeds, but it needs quite your assistance as it wants you to break the bigger buds to a smaller one.
  2. Make sure you evenly distributed the weed buds within the weed grinder. Do not place any weed buds within the center part as this is where the blades will run and keeping it clear is a must thing to do.
  3. Close your weed grinder and make sure that it is tight enough that the magnetic center also fits enough. Gently run the grinder for about 7 to 10 twists or until you can see that the buds are properly ground.
  4. If you are using the type of grinder that has the kief chamber, then this is also a good choice as you can turn your weed grinder into a finer weed bud.

Utilizing the weed grinder is consequently the basic and most mainstream type of method on how to grind your weed like an expert. What if the probability of you not having a weed grinder is an entire hundred percent, then your best resort would be using any other materials. As a result, here are some of the special tips on how to grind weed without a grinder, and yes, in an expert way as well.

Special Tips on How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

In the case of you are partying outside or meeting some friends and you are all reserving some stash of weed but not even a single grinder to be found around the venue. Well, this lack of weed grinder must not stop the business as you can utilize essential kitchen devices. Just some simple maneuvering and your weed will be in its fine structure ready for the smoke session.


  • This approach does not bear the path of being one of the best things to lean on but this approach works well.
  • If you truly like your weed buds transforming into a perfectly fine product, then you can rely best on this method. It may be a hassle to clean the blender after using it as your need to make sure that the blades are properly clean.
  • We are not closing on the idea that this may not be the best but this will consequently grind your weed buds best. As then, you can resort to grinding your weed buds through using a blender.

Cheese or Cheddar Grater Approach

  • When all else fails, finding the middle ground is unavoidable, and in case your mind stops you from formulating things, then you can resort to this one of a crazy technique.
  • Grate your weed buds, yet you need to ensure that your grater is perfectly clean enough before you transform your weed buds into some toppings on pasta. This may sound absurd but this can work well when grinding weed buds is the topic. 

Coffee Grinder

  • Instead of using a weed grinder, you can turn into your coffee grinder as the alternative whenever you want to grind your weed.
  • This technique can quite be a torment to you like the cleaning process after utilizing it is quite thorough and hard. But in case you wanted to grind weed buds in large size, then this is likely the most ideal device you can use.
  • A coffee grinder is so likely or similar to a weed grinder, which then this is the number one choice if you don’t own a weed grinder. You are not just using your coffee grinder for your everyday coffee but also your favorite weed.

Coin + Pill Bottle

  • The coin and pill bottle strategy is an old fashioned method that attempts flawlessly. Find some unfilled pill bottle and place the weed buds within. At that point, either a penny or dime would do to add within the top part of the pill bottle under the stack of weed buds.
  • You need to clean first the coin using some rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or any type of cleaner that is not harmful to your health. Screw now the coin within the top and shake the bottle just like how you shake to let out the image of your Polaroid. 
  • Using a coil and pill bottle will bring you success to grind weed that even the most sticky weed bud won’t have the potential to not be crushed into bit by bit. 

Cutting Board + Knife

  • This one is quite an exemplary procedure and one of the number one resorts whenever there’s no weed grinder. Just ensure that the blade of your knife is sharp to cut the weed buds as sticky weed buds may show up from time to time. Carefully cut the weed buds using a sharp knife with the cutting board as the base and do it over and over until you are satisfied with how fine your weed is.  

Mortar and Pestle

  • This technique may cause you to feel like you’re a fourteenth-century pharmacist; however, it is as effective as it can be.
  • The main thing you need to do before utilizing this device is by drying your weed buds for you to use this well. Simply do the method by grinding your weed buds sitting in the mortar and then the pestle that is responsible to crush it up.

Shot Glass + Scissors

  • With the idea of using scissors, it is a decent device to be used whenever you wanted to break weed buds. However, if you partner with the shot glass and scissor, then you will be having one of the best techniques on how to grind weed without using a weed grinder.
  • The way that you need to go is through placing your weed buds inside the shot glass and then start snipping the weed buds. This method may not be the best part if ever you are out at a festival or concert, but this works best when you are at home.
  • Shot glass and scissors go well as shot glass brings you the ideal scope of motion. However, on the chance that you don’t have a shot glass, you can likewise utilize a little cup or anything that would completely be alike on it.

Bare Hands

  • To wrap things up, the most evident response on how to grind weed like an expert is though crushing the weed buds with your bare hands. 
  • No devices or any things need, you just need your strength to break it up. You can put it in some clean plastic material or a Ziploc bag then starting crushing it. If your weed buds are too sticky, you can let it sit within the freezer for a couple of minutes before crushing it.


The essentiality of weed grinder may not be on the highest part, yet it works incredibly as some well-known instrument when it comes to smoking weed. This device, partly method, empowers you to grind your weed buds into some fine pieces that you would then be able to use in any way you need. Your grind weed buds invigorate you a good session with your favorite weed.

It is not hard to maneuver the weed grinder, but it’s not at all difficult when you rely on other methods minus the weed grinder. Henceforth, how to grind weed like an expert with no alliance formed from the main device, weed grinder, and gives you the stillness on the beauty of other techniques. As then, you can incline to the simple blender, cheese grater, coffee grinder, coin, and pill bottle, cutting board and knife, mortar and pestle, and shot glass and scissor. If you are out in a place with no signs of those mentioned things, then your best resort is your bare hands. As then, only your common sense would be the limit to get the best out of your grind weed.


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