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How to Get Unhigh With Cannabis

How to Get Unhigh With Cannabis

Any cannabis user can tell that one feeling that they didn’t like or enjoy is when they’re “too high.” As a novice smoker, you would no doubt want to know how to get unhigh. 

Maybe you tried to show off to your friends by inhaling excessively. If you’re into edibles, the effects kicked in after three hours. You might have used concentrates for the very first time and were surprised by its potency. Or, perhaps you just have a low substance tolerance. There are several ways that it can transpire; however, once it happens, it can be painful and enough to offend even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. 

Fret not! A lot of us have suffered the horridness that is associated with the devastating cannabis effects. But thankfully, there are different ways to help come down when you feel too high, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed from too much use of cannabis.

How Could It Affect the Body and How to Get Unhigh?

Before we share the tips and information on how to get unhigh, let us first discuss the effects of cannabis on the body.

Nervous Effects

It’s a fact that cannabis has both uplifting and mood-stabilizing effects. Using weed can help you feel better, livelier, happier, and more content. It can also make you more creative and diligent because it increases your motivation.

Aside from this, cannabis can help treat a few symptoms triggered by neurological ailments like depression, autism, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and seizures. It can lessen epilepsy and regulate symptoms which are started by these brain conditions.

Cannabis can effectively treat these ailments and disorders as it stimulates the endocannabinoid system in the brain parts, which are in charge of the nervous functions, which help them work properly.

Emotional Effects

Cannabis creates emotional effects, and it’s known to induce some temporary delusions and cause anxiety and paranoia as well. Some consumers claim that while they are too high, they feel irrationally distrustful of other people.

Altered sense of time and heightened consciousness are the other mental effects of cannabis. Things seem to slow down, and old feelings seem new. The music seems more expressive, and colors seem livelier. Other users even report that cannabis improved their creativity and focus. However, cannabis mental effects are subjective and may vary from one to another. Also, what you experience can be different from your friend’s.

Cardiovascular Effects

Vasodilation is one of the cannabis cardiovascular effects. It can open the vessels, letting the blood to free circulation. Also, this effect is the reason why people use cannabis to have red eyes. The blood vessels in the eyes expand, which causes eye redness.

Since the blood vessels are expanded, many people using cannabis say there’s a rise in their relaxing heartbeat. This can also result in some variations in arterial pressure. 

Therefore, consumers with heart conditions are not advised to take cannabis. It can add some stress and anxiety to the heart, resulting in more problems.

Physical Effects

It is also known to develop physical or somatic effects. You will experience some eyes reddening and dryness as well as cottonmouth.

Also, some of the physical effects of cannabis can treat other types of disorders. It alleviates pain and soothes the muscles. It also reduces backaches, joint pains, and headaches. When used topically, it can treat acne, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, and pruritus.

These effects are one of the main reasons why cannabis is becoming an ideal option for traditional medication or treatments. They discover that cannabis can regulate their severe medical conditions.

How to Get Unhigh

1. It’s all right.

Let’s begin with the great wisdom of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:


Almost all signs of “greening out” or taking too much cannabis will disintegrate after a couple of hours without lasting effects besides little sleepiness. Give some time, and these effects will later on disappear.

In contrast to what most consumers believe, there are zero death reports about cannabis overdose in history, so despite how you geeked out or how perspiring you get, you won’t die from the excess intake. However, don’t take it as a challenge, remember if you unintentionally overdo it, you will be okay soon.)

2. Know your limits before using them.

It’s recommended to prepare your cannabis according to your level of tolerance. Though this tip cannot help you anymore once you are already high and crazy, this can serve as your lesson on your next smoking session.

Use with friends that you are comfortable with, and never feel pressured to take more than you can. It’s great to make new friends and grow your circle, but being with strangers when you’re over the edge is a big NO.

Take it easy, mainly when using edibles. It is highly recommended to use the only 10mg (or even 5mg if you want to be in the experience) and wait at least an hour or two, before increasing your dose of edibles. The same applies to the inhalation process. If you’re accustomed to irregularly taking one smoke off your vaporizer, it is not advised sitting in a smoking circle hitting and being too high for an hour.

3. Drink water and devour a light snack.

Don’t forget to drink more glasses of water. If you choose water or juice, be sure that you prepare a cold beverage (non-caffeinated). This will help you satiate your dry mouth and concentrate on a simple and acquainted act, drinking and swallowing.

Take into consideration, “hydrate” does not imply you get down with a few alcoholic drinks. If you’re experiencing the kick of your cannabis strains too aggressively, avoid alcohol as it can heighten THC blood extracts.

Some consumers say that a light meal or snack helps them feel more grounded. You can eat cheese, fruits, or nuts, and notice that it’s easier to relax the mind and the body.

4. Prepare black pepper.

If you’re suffering from anxiety and paranoia, one simple ingredient in your pantry can come to save you is the black pepper.

Many users and even the Canadian-American singer Neil Young swear by the black pepper method. Just inhale or chew a few, and it should offer almost rapid relief.

5. Relax and rest.

Look for a serene and calm place to relax and inhale deeply. Keep in mind, the intense discomfort you are feeling will fade. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Focus on the sound of breathing and take a rest.

Napping sometimes is an excellent option on how to get unhigh. However, it’s not always easy to shut your brain off. If you found your quiet place, lie down, and relax. If paralysis and sleep are quick to hit you, get some sleep to revitalize yourself. If you cannot fall asleep fast, just be comfortable until you’re energized again to get up.

6. Go for a walk.

If you cannot relax your brain, sometimes getting some fresh air and a change of view to keep your blood pumping will recharge you. Bear in mind, to be nearby your immediate environments, of course, and you don’t want to be getting disoriented and getting lost while you’re paranoid and uneasy. Yet, don’t go for a walk if you are feeling dizzy or shaky to stand. Instead, it is advised that you go back to tip #5 and lie down for some time.

7. Take a shower.

You cannot do this if you’re at a friend’s house or somewhere around. But if you’re home, try to have a nice shower because it can help your mind and body relax.

8. Divert your attention.

All activities that seem fun and exciting while on euphoria are also great ways to divert your attention while the effects are fading. Some of the best activity recommendations are:

  • Listen to your favorite artist/album.
  • Watch a hilarious cartoon show.
  • Talk to friends
  • Play an entertaining video game
  • Nestle with your partner
  • Eat delicious foods
  • Try coloring activity (seriously, this is a calming activity that is effective.)

Whatever pastimes you like, be sure it’s a known activity that gives you unclear friendly feelings. Your brain will zone in on the good feelings and provide you a gentle reminder that you’re safe and sound.

Bonus Tip: Use CBD

A high stress-fighting component, many people use CBD to counter excessive THC consumption.

If all the tips and information above fail you, and you still find yourself disturbingly sore and uneasy, you can always seek medical treatment and tell your doctor that you’re experiencing cannabis-induced stress and anxiety attacks. This decision is always accessible, even in the US states where cannabis is prohibited. From a health perspective, the doctor’s priority is you, and they want to do all they can to guarantee you are safe, even if it is helping you on how to get unhigh when you’re in nirvana.

Looking for a Nearby Dispensary for CBD 

Hopefully, though, the recommendations mentioned above were what you needed to neutralize and confidently stop the psychedelic effects of cannabis.

Final Thoughts: How to Stop Being High

All these methods can effectively help appease a cannabis high; however, you need to stay away from consuming too much. The most effective trick for ending a painful high is never to start one, know your limits and tolerance, take responsibility, and sure, you will never have to deal with how to get unhigh.


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