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How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates 101 | Crop King Seeds

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates 101

Cannabis has come a long way since the science community’s proclamation of its benefits and adverse side effects. Many are still at the point of undecided stance if whether they will try the recreational lane or apply it to their medical condition. Again, that’s not the problem with cannabis since its employment, but its legalization.

Regardless, in strengthening the effectiveness and intensifying the potency, many are attempting other modes of consumption. Dabbing cannabis concentrates is one of the processes. But will various approaches emerging, how would you know how to dab? Besides the point, there are more iconic ways to be in the circle of trends.

Despite lesser popularity, the ways of how to dab infiltrate the marijuana community with different techniques and convenient methods of providing materials and procedures. In hopes of being more precise than ever, here are ways on how to dab cannabis concentrates.

What is Dab?

Dab is another method of ingesting marijuana. However, unlike joints and blunts, a dab is not a narrow tube of smoking because you will need concentrated cannabis before inhaling. Dabbing is a smoking method that will require you to have concentrated cannabis on a hot surface, but the heat has to be higher.

Conversely, cannabis concentration isn’t the only material needed because there are still devices that you will need to provide yourself with to proceed with the exceptional smoking experience. Back then, consumers utilize two hot knives before inhaling. Today, the sophistication levels up with rigs, devices specially made for consuming oils, and any surface to dab cannabis.

Still, dabbing is smoking, so while you anticipate benefits, you will also have to expect adverse side effects. The difference it bears with other modes of smoking marijuana is that due to concentrated cannabis, the potency is higher in influence. So, it’s safe to say that dabbing is not for the weak of hearts. Otherwise, erratic heartbeat and palpitations will take place. 

What is Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates don’t only come with many names like wax, butane hash oil or BHO, oil, honey, etc., but also in any form. As the name suggests, concentrated cannabis is a lot more potent than marijuana extracts and other types of products infused with cannabinoids present in weeds. Upon derivation, it is expected that concentrate extracts will have a “concentration” of higher cannabinoid levels.

Most flower or buds of cannabis tend to have a THC level ranging from 10 to 25%, where 25 percent is not the maximized level for some strain. With extraction that will have cannabis concentrates. As a result, it will produce a higher THC level soaring from 60 to 80%. Compared to the initial contents of the first buds, the difference is highly massive. In terms of effects, expect it to have a considerable difference rather than other consumption processes.

Because of that, you will have to be extremely aware that due to significantly higher levels, the harshness will be nothing like you’ve tasted before. Hence, making dabbing a restricted consumption method for everyone. Though it’s alright to try once, at least approach a considerable caution to evade undesired effects.

If you know how dab rigs and cannabis concentrates look like all together, you would have figured out that what you’ve seen is a living model of “if looks can be deceiving.” It may seem completely harmless to you, but once ingested, it will undoubtedly be an experience you won’t forget.

What do I need to have to Dab Cannabis Concentrates?

Methods will be accessible once you have all the materials on hand. But, expect the search to be challenging since alternatives are not advisable for beginners, though there are present substitutes available online and in markets. In simpler terms, what is advised is what you will only need. Failure to do so might bring adversity.

  • Cannabis Extract / Cannabis Concentrates – The overabundance of cannabis concentrate’s forms undeniably stimulates a struggling decision. The most usual kinds are butane hash oil and other extracts that are solvent-less. The mentioned forms of cannabis concentrate go well with dabbing, but be mindful that there will be alcohol-based extracts that will risk your health.
  • Dabbing rigs
  • Dabbing nail (the type is a matter of preference)
  • Nail cap – This material is needed on top of your dabbing nail, where you will be setting-up the vapor for a better experience. 
  • Heating devices – You will need this equipment to heat the dabs. It can either be butane or propane, but if you would like to be safe, there are flameless products available but are quite pricey. 
  • Dabber – Any piece of glass that will store the concentrate can do.

After finalizing all the necessary equipment, proceed to the steps and procedure. If you found yourself comfortable in an alternate process, you can change some methods. But, be sure that the practice is safe.

How to Dab Cannabis Concentrates?

The following are the standard way of knowing how to dab cannabis concentrates. If you find your comfort elsewhere, you are free to provide your way. If you belong in the category of beginners, it would be best to follow the most common method.

First Step: Heat the Dabbing nail

Turn on your heating device and turn it directly to the nail. Wait for the nail to acquire even heat around its surface. Letting it turn scorching red hot would be nice. Ensure that the usage is moderate if you have chosen a high-temperature dap since it can cause cancer.

Second Step: Apply the Dab

Grab the dabber and apply it to the nail. Rotate and whisk it around to get all the dab in the container. When done, place the nail cap over the dabbing nail, and you may now inhale slowly to ensure the rig is cleared.

Thirst Step: Dab Cannabis Concentrates

After a few minutes of dabbing cannabis concentrates, you will now feel the effects of dabbing. Experiencing lightheadedness and coughing is the minimal side effects and a small price to pay for the overwhelming sensation afterward. Remember that moderation is still applicable to this mode of consumption.


Knowing how to dab cannabis concentrates will not only let you experience the fresh way of making marijuana in your system. You will also undergo dramatic surge impacts that you never had back when you were in the arms of traditional approaches. However, due to high potency, moderate usage should always exist. Otherwise, you will unwillingly invite undesirable effects.


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