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How to Control Growth of Marijuana Seeds

ontrol Growth of Marijuana Seeds

When growing cannabis seeds, it is important to allot a space in your house or yard depending on the type of cannabis plant that you are planning to grow. However, even though the cannabis plant has an expected growth that can be contained in your small space, it might grow bigger if the growth is not controlled during the vegetative and flowering stage and you may end up losing your own bed.

What is the greatest factor that controls the growth of the cannabis plant during the vegetative stage?

Germinating marijuana seeds can never cause a problem but when it comes to growing the seedling to its vegetative stage, this may be tricky if you do not know how to control the growth during the vegetative stage. Basically, light is the number one factor that affects the growth of your marijuana plant. The more it is exposed to light, the faster it will grow. It is important that your plant gets enough light but if you plan on controlling its growth, make sure that you will also control the amount of light that it is exposed to.

How do you make the cannabis plant grow in a way that you want to?

If you want your cannabis plant to stay as small as it is, like when you want to make a bonsai, you must keep the plant in a small pot. This way, the roots will not have enough room to grow, therefore it will not have enough room to grow and it will literally stay very small. You may also put your seed in a solo cup from the start of germination and keep it there for controlled growth or transplant it in one gallon container. You may also control the marijuana plant growth through defoliation which can be done during the vegetative or flowering stage.


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