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How to Choose and Setup Lights for Marijuana Seeds Growth | Crop King Seeds

How to Choose and Setup Lights for Marijuana Seeds Growth

Setup Lights for Marijuana Seeds

As a marijuana grower, you need to know that providing the proper lighting for your marijuana seeds is the most important factor towards having a successful and effective growth. There are in fact lots of types of lighting systems which you can provide for your plants, among which are grow lights. Grow lights are divided into three types: the high intensity discharge system, compact fluorescent lights, and the light emitting diodes.

Which is the better choice?

First of all, you have to know that a high intensity discharge system isn’t always the right choice for all growers. However, this system is the most common choice used by most growers for producing better results and bigger yields. Other than that, it also features easy maintenance thus making it a good choice for those who don’t want to have a hard time running their light system.

CLFs on the other hand, are cheap to set up and maintain. However, they only cover up a small space and is only ideal for small-scale marijuana growers. After all, beginners are often the ones who can benefit from this.

Lastly, the LED grow lights which use less energy and release less heat but are extremely efficient while using only less amount of energy as compared to other lighting.

How do you install your own lighting system?

Depending on the system you want, you can either have a DIY installation or have an expert technician to do it for you. Usually, lighting systems which use CFLs and LED lights don’t require technical assistance and can be done all by yourself. It is only with the complicated HID lights that will need an installation carried out by a technical expert for some safety purposes. After all, the choice of a lighting system for your plants will rely upon the size and number of plants you wish to grow.


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