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Determine Price Quality of Marijuana Seeds in Canada | Crop King Seeds

How to Assess the Price Quality of Marijuana Seeds in Canada?

If you haven’t grown marijuana before, then you need to make sure that the seeds you have purchased are of a good quality for you to achieve quality results. Marijuana seeds could be purchased from a local seed bank however, you usually have a variety of seeds to choose from. When purchasing seeds in Canada, you should be able to assess which among them are of the highest quality based on the price. It is because there are some seeds which are available at expensive rates but are not really of the highest caliber.

How to know if seeds are of a good quality?

Even if you are experienced in growing marijuana or just a beginner, you will have to use some certain techniques to be able to get high quality seeds with good genetics. There are actually several means you can use to check and assess the price quality of the marijuana seeds you have purchased from Canada.

First of all, you have to measure the moisture content found within the pot seeds. Usually, those quality seeds have a moisture content of approximately 14%, and anything less or more than that percentage could spell a poor quality seed. You can use an electronic moisture tester for that. Another means to assess the price quality is to use the germination process to assess the quality of your seeds.

What to consider before buying seeds in Canada?

Before you order marijuana seeds from a seed bank in Canada, you should read a couple of reviews and feedbacks from the customers first. Other than that, you have to check your local laws regarding the buy and sell of marijuana in your place. Lastly, choose a retailer which offers free shipping and delivery if you choose to buy seeds online. Through this, you can ensure to receive quality seeds without any hassles at all.


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