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How Grow Lights Affect the Growth of Marijuana Seeds? | Crop King Seeds

How Does Different Grow Lights Affect the Growth of Marijuana Seeds?

different grow lights

Light is generally the most important factor that could affect the growth of your cannabis plants. As a common rule, more light would mean a faster plant growth. It’s because it is the source of energy which your plants need in order to produce foods needed to grow and flourish properly. Because of this, providing the proper lighting for your marijuana plants should be considered at all times.

What type of lighting you will need for your plants?

There are lots of lightings you can use to provide your plants with the right amount of light they need. Among the most ideal forms of lighting are grow lights. There are generally various types of grow lights available in the market for you to choose from. Hence, it is pretty important to suit a grow light that could suit your needs and could fit your budget.

What are the various types of grow lights in the market?

1. High intensity discharge lights (HID) – they are likewise known as horticultural lights, which are commonly used for marijuana plants grown indoors. With the right wattage and CCT levels, these types of grow lights are quite safe and easy to use.

2. High pressure sodium lights (HPS) – these lights are the favorite of most growers. They come with a wattage of 75-4000 watts, with a good level of CCT and a good amount of lumens. They are preferred by the many due to their light spectrum which promotes excellent plant growth during the flowering phase.

3. Metal halide lights – if you want to promote strong and quick growth, then these lights are ideal. They are best for seedling and vegetative stages of the marijuana plant’s cycle considering that they have high CCT levels.

Other than the types of grow lights, the color spectrum emitted also affects your plants’ growth. Blue light for making the plants grow short but with big and healthy lives, and the yellow/red light for encouraging the plants to grow taller and promote budding.


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