How Does a Vaporizer Work?

how does a vaporizer work

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Due to the legalization of Cannabis in most countries around the globe, the demand also increases. Presently, smokers are having a second thought of consuming marijuana the classic way specifically via a joint or using a bong due to harsh damage that it may further cause to the lungs. On the other hand, some evidence shows that using a vaporizer is safer and somewhat one of the healthiest consumptions compared to the classic method. As one of the frequently asked questions, experts will answer how a vaporizer works.

Many cannabis consumers are switching to vapor, as research says that it is one of the healthiest methods to consume the plant, combusting it creates toxins that will harm the respiratory system. Modern-day vaporizers use a heating mechanism to extract the plant ingredients to convert it as vapor, some vaporizers also have different technology that connects the vapor itself into a smartphone app which enables the users to manage and control the flow of heat inside the chamber.

What is a Vaporizer?

Cannabis vaporizer is a portable plant concentrator. How does a vaporizer work? Vapors undergo one or two types of heating mechanisms either by conduction or convection. The vaporizers extract the chemical called cannabinoids from the plant and convert it into vapor. According to researchers, weeds combust at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, as the herb sets at exactly 338 degrees. Most cannabinoids start to vaporize at 285 degrees. However, many vaporizers can go beyond 400 degrees to heat the herb.

Researchers say that to achieve the best flavor of the herb while vaping it is for you to set the temperature to 356 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum. Hence, between temperatures 356- and 392-degrees Fahrenheit gives a good flavor and decent vapor. While 393 degrees and above Fahrenheit are considered temperatures with excellent vapor. Dabbing is a kind of method of using a solid concentrate such as shatter, crystal, wax, etc. instead of the usual dry herb, this method technically uses higher temperatures, others have specific temperatures.

Conductive Vapes

The heating implies direct contact between the plant and the heated plate. The plate is usually metal being the best conductor of heat, the plant is then placed directly on top of the heated plate. Vaporization begins once the “hot plate” reaches its ideal temperature. Due to the method of direct heat, the chamber of the vaporizers converts the cannabinoids into vapor.

Pros of Using Conductive Vapes

First, conductive vapes are affordable with their classy straightforward design. Second, conductive vapes differ in the model but almost all the kinds of conductive vapes heat the herb rapidly, allowing the smoker to vape almost immediately after the device is turned on and set.

Cons of Using Conductive Vapes

Conductive vapes may increase combustion with the weed since it has direct contact with the heating element. Conductive vape users may also encounter difficulty in using the product especially beginners due to imprecise temperature controls. Lastly, due to uneven heat distribution, heat distribution may only occur when it makes close contact with the weed. Users must have to shake the herb between hits to release the vapor and properly inhale the cannabinoids.

Convective Vapes

Unlike conduction vapes, convection heating doesn’t use a hot plate or the direct method as its primary heating element. Air the conductor of heat and once it reaches its ideal temperature, the plant is therefore moved by either a fan or the process of inhalation by the user.

Materials for this kind of heating should be made of ceramic or stainless steel. Convection heating is proven to be a more effective method of vaporization compared to conduction heating, as it heats the whole plant simultaneously. Unfortunately, convection heating vaporizers are more expensive than conduction vapes.

Pros of Convection Vapes

Compared to conductive vapes, Convection heating vapes have more accurate temperature control. The risk of combustion is very low since this kind of vape allows no direct contact between the heating element and the herb. Lastly, Convection vapes are more user-friendly compared to conductive vapes, especially with beginners.

Cons of Convection Vapes

Convection vapes are more expensive than conductive vapes because of their design. Second, heating the weed takes longer compared to conductive vapes since it uses direct contact with it.

Components of Weed Vaporizers

Energy Source

Vape devices have rechargeable batteries that can supply power for at least 3 hours in estimates. Desktop versions of the vapes allow the user to plug the device into a wall socket and allow it to charge for a couple of hours.


The chamber is where you place the herb or the concentrate to be heated through the heat source, it is also known as the “oven”. The heating source is also called a “hot plate”, vaporizers mostly use a heating coil inside the chamber for a purpose.

Heating Element

Heating is the most important element of the vaporizer as it will control and determine the speed and overall heat distribution inside the chamber. Usually, vaporizers use two types of heating such as convection and conduction, but you can also find a radiation type, but it is rarely seen.

Delivery System

This is the bridge from the chamber to your lips, this is what transfers the vapor from one point to another. To have a smooth delivery system the vaper must draw the chemical directly from a portable device, while on desktop versions the vapers must use a balloon or a whip tube.


Vaporizers have a wide variety of shapes and sizes; they can be portable or stationary. If you want a vapor under the comfort of your homes, the stationary version is completely good for you, the good thing with this kind of version is it enables you to hit not just individually but in groups. While a portable version allows you to enjoy and have a hot anytime, anywhere just add a good amount of herb and turn on the device.

Using Vape is ideal specially for newcomers because it’s less harsh on your throat and your lungs. Imagine getting all the benefits of Cannabis with less produced harmful chemicals towards your body. Thus, cheaper vaporizers are ranging from 300 US dollars but they’re the top-tier ones, some good starter models only range under 100 US dollars. Proper research on which kind of model and version is best for you should be done first to familiarize yourself with the specification and all the wide range of vaporizers available in the market.

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