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How do Marijuana Seeds Orders Packaged | Crop King Seeds

How do Marijuana Seeds Orders Packaged?

Seeds Orders Packaged

People who order marijuana seeds to a country where marijuana is illegal like USA, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world often ask this question because they are concern with their security.
</ br>To make things clear, most marijuana seed companies don’t like shipping to these countries especially the three mentioned above because of the strict border checks. Marijuana seed companies from Netherlands, UK and even Canada have seeds which are seized. If a seed company ships abroad, discreet packaging will be used like DVD, T Shirt and other discreet packaging.</ br>
Discreet Packaging – the Crop King Style</ br>
We, at Crop King Seeds, are proud to say that we have higher delivery success rate of marijuana seeds to United States, Australia, New Zealand and any parts of the world because of our very discreet packaging and our mail system reputation. We have one of the best mail systems in the world plus all countries trust Canada. Packages from Canada have much better delivery success rate than a package from a well-known marijuana seeds supplier in the world -Netherlands.</ br>
We will ship the seeds inside discreet packaging like toys, wallet, tampon, etc. There’s no mention of what’s inside the package and  we won’t put the name of our company. The label would be a random company which is related to what’s inside the package (eg. From: Canada Lingerie – if you are getting a women’s lingerie in the mail with seeds hidden in it).</ br>
Is there a delivery guarantee?</ br>
There is no guarantee that you will get your seeds because it’s always risky. You should know your law before ordering. By placing your order in our website, we assume that you know the risk of ordering marijuana seeds online and have them shipped to your country.</ br>
Will I get in trouble if my seeds order is intercepted?</ br>
Although rare, seeds are getting seized in your border because importing of seeds and any other agricultural products is not permitted in any country. The seeds will just go to the trash.</ br>
If you have any questions, please contact us anytime via our live website chat, email and phone.


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