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Complete Tutorial on How to Make Honey Oil at Home | Crop King Seeds

Complete Tutorial on How to Make Honey Oil at Home

In these modern-day, there are many different ways to consume cannabis that you can choose and enjoy. Even some consumers just enjoy rolling joints. There are still many try to experiment in different consumption methods. Though cannabis edibles and flowers are considered the standard consumption of cannabis, you can also ingest cannabis by tinctures, balms, supplements, patches, and even drinkables, including making honey oil. 

Why Make Honey Oil

One of the most sought consumption methods of cannabis is honey oil or also known as hash oil. You can smoke, dabbed, eat, vaporize, and apply it topically based on the kind of honey oil you are using.

Consumption of cannabis through honey oil became known as you can consume it concentrated with amber color that seems to be honey’s color. Compare to raw cannabis that you usually smoke is just contains 20 % THC. But consuming the same kind of cannabis that runs through extraction resulted in concentrated honey oil, which offers up to 80% THC content.

How to Make Honey Oil the Easiest Way at Home

Making your very own honey oil is quite easy and has very simple methods that work for any kind of cannabis, even those trim, plain old bunk, and clippings. Making honey oil will improve your usual weed into a more potent and useful kind of cannabis.

Things Needed

  • Your preferred weeds
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Jar with sealed
  • Coffee filter
  • Grinder 
  • Scraping tool

Steps on How to Make Honey Oil

Once you prepared all the things needed, you will now proceed to the steps on how to make honey oil at home.

  1. Get some alcohol and make sure that the alcohol you use is isopropyl alcohol. Otherwise, your honey oil will turn into a not consumable one. You can also use the high alcohol content of plain alcohol. When handling alcohol, keep in mind that please be extremely careful as it is flammable enough when you use a stove to mix your honey oil.
  2. Using a grinder, grind up your weed for up to finely ground as possible. Grinding the cannabis weed will allow the alcohol to obtain all of the plant’s fiber. Place all the weeds in the grinder and let the machine run until the weeds become pulverized.
  3. Place all the pulverized weeds in a jar then sealed it tightly after pouring the isopropyl alcohol. Pour alcohol just enough to cover all the weeds and let it stand for at least 12 hours.
  4. Using a coffee filter, gently pour the liquid and filter the fiber of the into another jar to remove all the plant’s fiber, and you will finally have an alcohol mixture consisting of active ingredients of cannabis and alcohol.
  5. In a bowl, pour the weed mixture and wait until all the isopropyl alcohol was evaporated. Depend on the volume of alcohol you use. This method will take at least 24 to 48 hours. Other options recommend heating the mixture on a stove to lessen the time of evaporation.

However, as mentioned above, alcohol is flammable that can be too dangerous to try. It is better to wait for natural evaporation than trying a dangerous method. Though it might take a bit longer, it can still reward you a safer and less work procedure.

  1. With the final step, you will get a tar that is thick and green. It may seem challenging to work with because of its sticky texture and heavy concentration, but it is now considered a honey oil, and it is very usable. Using a scraping tool, scrape the remaining oil in a bowl, and you will now enjoy the result.

Different Ways to Consume Honey Oil

  • Smoke Honey Oil Using a Pipe

Smoking honey oil using a pipe is one of the most common ways to consume honey oil. Once you pour a small amount of honey oil in a pipe, bubbling is observed and seems like your cooking road tar. You may find this method quite difficult compare to usual smoking methods as it can clog your pipe, but this works even better as compared to smoking a joint. 

  • Vaporizing Honey Oil

You can also consider another method by placing the honey oil in a tin foil or spoon. Heat the spoon or foil and then gently inhale the smoke with a straw or tube. Don’t use a regular vaporizer is not advised. As we all know, honey oil is quite difficult and time-consuming to clean, and this sticky substance can damage a pricey vaporizer.

  • Pour the Honey Oil to Another Kind of Cannabis

Another consumption method that you can also try is by pouring the liquid into another group of weeds, just like the process on how to make honey oil so that the alcohol evaporates. The finished product will become easier to consume as the plant’s fiber helps oil burns easily.

Pouring honey oil into good quality weeds is not recommended as it can alter the flavor, making it into non-consumable because of the harsh taste and smell. It is ideal for adding it with the mediocre quality of cannabis for better quality.

Benefits of Honey Oil

Possible benefits of consuming honey oil are just the same as consuming the usual weeds. Since honey oil is considered more potent than other forms of weeds, the effects can be stronger than the usual.

It can be highly beneficial for patients who experience nausea, inflammation, common pains, and even relieve chronic pain and cancer symptoms. There is still some ongoing research about the other benefits of honey oil and other related products.


Making honey oil at home needs to consider some important reminders such as burn risk, lung injuries, and even chemical impurities. So to become safe while doing such methods, do some research about the ideal material used to avoid such a possible risk. When consuming your end product, watch for the ideal dosage that you can be tolerable with you as we all know that honey oil contains more THC amount compared to the usual weeds in dispensaries.


2 Responses

  1. Use a RICE COOKER don’t smoke or have naked lights in the room. Put the cooker in a well ventilated room or put cooker outside is the best for me.

  2. I wouldn’t let it soak for 12 hours you’re starting to break the plant down and get chlorophyll the stuff you don’t want in it do a 60 second rinse think about it when they use butane that s*** doesn’t sit there for 12 hours goes right through it then it’s done also don’t use the stove that’s stupid use a blow dryer your hair dryer or whatever it takes a bit it stinks the house up but you’re not going to let yourself on fire and always strain with the coffee filter otherwise it’s not worth it

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