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Cannabis Seeds for Sale with Delivery to Texas | Crop King Seeds

High Quality Cannabis Seeds for Sale with Delivery to Texas

High Quality Cannabis Seeds for Sale with Delivery to Texas

With the ever growing popularity of medical marijuana and the number of states in the USA that legalized it, more and more people are actually growing their own marijuana plants discreetly even those who are in Texas where marijuana is illegal.

That’s right. We actually have a lot of customers from Texas who are buying marijuana seeds on a regular basis. We offer discreet shipping to Texas and we have 90% success rate of delivery. You don’t have to worry if your order get seized (it’s rare), because we will reship for free if you choose $30 for shipping. That option comes with a tracking # and insurance.

Will I get in trouble if my seeds get seized by customs?

Nobody got in trouble for a few seeds in the mail. They are seeds not weed and they look like any other seeds out there. They seize seeds because importing of agricultural products is not permitted in any country.

How discreet is your packaging?

Very discreet that even our customers usually can’t find the seeds. We actually get some calls saying that they are pissed because they received a sex toy when in fact the ordered marijuana seeds. Well, the seeds are inside the sex toy. We have a lot of discreet methods that’s why we have a very high success rate of delivery.

How can I contact Crop King Seeds?

Call us anytime or come to our live website chat. We are available 24/7.


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