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Hemp Soap: How are They Made? | Crop King Seeds

How to Make Hemp Soap?

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Do you want to make your hemp soap? Don’t you have any idea how it is done? Well, you will be able to learn about how to make it through this article. All you need to do is to understand the steps and process well. 

It is so amazing that you know the ingredients of the soap you put on your skin, instead of you not having any clues on what chemicals you apply to your skin. It is possible to make your soap that is made from hemp at home. 

Medical marijuana has emerged that you can make your marijuana products just like the soap that is cannabis-infused. There is a big possibility that marijuana will be able to help with the conditions on the skin shortly. Let us now find out some things about this soap and the steps of making it. 

Hemp Soap: Description 

If you are looking for the safest soap than the soap with chemical ingredients, then you can consider using the hemp soap. It is a legal soap alternative you can use. This is very useful, especially for those people with sensitive skin. 

Aside from that, you will be able to get properties that are good for naturally moisturizing your skin. It is because of the oils it has and the oils are being blended. You need to know that the seed of the hemp has omega 6 of fatty acids as well as omega 3. 

You will also expect properties of anti-aging that are very helpful in healing your skin as well as in repairing it. It might also help relieve some eczema symptoms. Another good thing about it is that it can be done in the comfort of your home easily. Instead of using harsh chemicals, you will be able to use organic ingredients. 

In making it you can try using various oil ratios for you to get consistencies that are different in soap. However, if you are a beginner when it comes to making soap that is made with hemp, you can try the steps that will be discussed below. 

Soap from hemp: Things to prepare, Steps, and the Reminders

In the process of making soap from hemp, you have to understand the ways. Aside from understanding the ways, you have to prepare the tools and the things needed in making it. Here are the lists of the things you should prepare as well as the lists of the steps in making it:

Things to prepare: Needed Equipment as well as the components

  • Scales that are used in the kitchen
  • Goggles (this is for safety purposes)
  • Gauntlets (Make sure it is resistant to chemicals)
  • The jug that can be used for measuring
  • Saucepans (two of them, you can use enamel or the large steels)
  • The thermometer that is used in cooking
  • Spoon that is wooden
  • You need to prepare a whisk
  • Molds for cake (Silicone)


  • Clean cold water (340 millimeters)
  • Sodium hydroxide – lye (125 grams) beads
  • Seed Oil from Hemp (225 grams)
  • Coconut oil (275 grams) it should be cold-pressed organic oil
  • Olive oil (225 grams)
  • Vitamin E (extract one-fourth of a teaspoon)
  • Items for decoration, Aromas, as well as necessary oils


If you are using some hazardous substances, such as the lye, you must be careful and prioritize safety. You have to know that the chemical which is known as sodium hydroxide is not a safe chemical for you. There is a tendency that it can make you blind. Hence, it is important to wear safety tools for your eyes as well as for your hands. 

In making the soap, you should take note to always add the lye to your water and do not put water to your lye. If you do the latter, then it will result in the reaction of like a volcano reaction. It will be very harmful as well as it will result in a mess. Your priority should be your safety. You can make soap inside your house; however, you need to take extra precautions in making it. 


  • The first step should be to wear protection for your eyes as well as hands. You need to fill in the jug for measuring with the water you prepared. After that, you need to slowly put the lye into the water. The mixture should be entirely dissolved and you need to be sure of that. Remember that the reaction of the mixture will result in heat. Hence, you need to put the solution in a place that is safe for cooling down.
  • You need to hear the butter of shea, the coconut oil as well as the hemp inside of the saucepan that you prepared. The first thing that you should put first is fat and it should be followed by the liquids until the blending will be smooth. You can heat the vitamin E as well as your olive oil in the other saucepan you prepared. The mixture of the two saucepans should be combined and you can stir them well. 
  • If you have mixed the oils fully and if it is already 100 degrees Celsius in temperature, then you can turn the heat off and you can add the mixture of water and lye slowly. You need to stir it well. You can use the whisk in stirring your mixture. Your solution should be thick after minutes of stirring it. 
  • This is the trace phase of making soap from hemp. It means that the mixture of both water and oils is not possible to be separated. If you will experience this, you can use your whisk in dipping in the mix and you should allow the dribbling back to the saucepan. If you noticed a bit trace, then you can use the method of emulsified. 
  • If you want to add some aromas or maybe some oils that are essential, then you can do that. You can try adding a bit drops of the oil of frankincense. You can also try sprinkling green tea leaves. You should stir it again and you need to put the mixture in the molds you prepare for cooling it down. 
  • If you noticed that the soap blocks are already cooled, then you can consider adding some items that can serve as decoration. You can use petals from the flowers, hemp seeds, or even shells from the sea. 
  • You need to wait for days for you to finish your soap products. However, it is recommended that before using it, you should keep it for about weeks. The reason for this is to be sure that the lye or any traces of it are being removed fully. You can use paper that is waxy in wrapping your soap. Remember, if you use ordinary paper, it will be ruined by the sweat that this soap makes. 


It is amazing how you can make your hemp soap. You can get so many things by making it in the comfort of your home. Aside from how rewarding it is, you can also make it cheap. You will be able to know the ingredients you put and you will be confident that the soap product you use is good for your skin. 

If you are interested in making it, then you can count on the listed steps and ways above. You should also be prepared if you want to make soap. You need to prepare all the necessary ingredients as well as the tools. 


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