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Hemp Oil for Hair: A Must-Try for Weed Users | Crop King Seeds

Hemp Oil for Hair: A Must-Try for Weed Users

Hemp Oil for Hair: A Must-Try for Weed Users

CBD oil is no longer the only famous type of oil extracted from cannabis. If CBD oil is added to food and beverages, hemp oil is for the care of the skin and hair. Hemp oil for hair is now a trending topic all over the world. They are produced in different ways and make a few other effects, too.

What is Hemp Oil

The other type of cannabis plant is also becoming popular in the cannabis world with its very unique characteristics. It is called Cannabis Sativa, which is a different species, too. Hemp seed oil is a special type of oil extracted from hemp seeds through cold-pressing. It has a lot of uses, especially for beauty and wellness products.

This oil is transparent green in color and does not have the notorious THC or tetrahydrocannabinol substance than ordinary marijuana plant contains. Hemp seed oil, however, also includes a lot of health benefits that are mainly very useful to hair protection.

Benefits of using Hemp Oil for Hair

Hemp oil is especially useful to hair protection due to its high amount of fatty acids that are of omega-3 and omega-6. It may be orally ingested as a supplement, which can improve hair density after six months. Those two fatty acids also prevent the occurrence of hair loss among users. Precisely, it may deliver the same effects as other oils added to the hair, such as:

          Hair’s excessive water absorption

          Prevents the entry to hair follicles of some foreign substances

          The force released during the combing of wet hair is reduced to lessen breakage

          The shaft lubrication is enhanced to avoid breakage

3:1 is the exact ratio that hemp seed oil contains omega-6 and omega-3, which are also known as Gamma-Linolenic Acid and Alpha-Linolenic Acid, respectively. A total of 14 grams of combined saturated and unsaturated fats are consumed in one tablespoon of hemp oil, which users can benefit from. Aside from that, this substance also has antioxidants like vitamin E, phytosterols, chlorophyll, phospholipids, and also carotene.

Aside from hair protection, it also helps with skin problems like acne, eczema, dry skin, scars, psoriasis, and even oily skin. Omega-6 and omega-3, if maintained and balanced, there shall be enough moisture and anti-inflammatory effects.

Hemp oil Hair Care Products

Now you can prepare your own homemade hemp oil shampoo and other products for taking care of your hair with the unique recipes provided below.

  1.     Tea Tree Hemp Shampoo

Good for removing dandruff and the build-up of the scalp. Also enhances the growth of hair, cleansing, and nourishment of hair with regular use.


          Shampoo base in 1 cup measure

          Hemp oil n 2 tablespoons

          Tea Tree Essential Oil with 5 drops

Step 1: Use a funnel to put a shampoo base into a small spray bottle.

Step 2: Then pour in the hemp oil and the Tea Tree Oil in the same bottle.

Step 3: Put the cover and close tightly. Shake it well and continuously for a few minutes.

Step 4: Apply to hair as you usually do with any ordinary shampoo. You can also use conditioner afterward if you prefer.

  1.     Healthy Hair Hemp Serum

Achieve a healthier and more nourished hair through this product that can be applied for both dry and wet hair strands. No frizz will happen to your hair but only shining and softer strands. Dry, damaged hairs will benefit from this product as it helps revitalize its healthy appearance.


          Hemp Oil in 2 tablespoons

          Coconut oil in 1 tablespoon

          Grapeseed Oil in 1 tablespoon

          Geranium Essential Oil in 5 drops

          Lavender Essential Oil in 5 drops

Step 1: In a glass drop bottle in amber color, pour in some of the three basic oils using a funnel.

Step 2: Mix the other three essential oils inside the bottle and shake well to properly be blended with the basic oils. Make sure that the cover is tightly covered.

Step 3: In using this product, you should first put some amount into your fingertips before placing them smoothly onto your hair strands.

Tips on Using Hemp Oil for the Hair

To successfully acquire the benefits of hemp oil to your hair and skin, here are some of the important tips that you should follow:

  1.     Instant conditioning can be achieved by applying fresh Hemp Oil directly onto your skin, scalp, face, hair, and body.
  2.     Virgin Hemp Oil or that variety of hemp oil which is unrefined can be used for skincare and other uses at home because it contains important lipids and minerals. This kind of oil is usually olive green in color and the smell is very strong. To preserve it for later use, you can keep it in a cool, dark place like inside your fridge.
  3.     Hemp oil is effective and applicable to any type of skin including oily, mature, and dry skin.
  4.     Use it also to remove makeup by first washing your hands. Apply a small amount of Hemp Oil into your fingertips and use that to massage your face in circular form. Naturally, your makeup will be dissolved together with all the other unhealthy elements there.
  5.     Use 2 tablespoons of Hemp Oil and mix it with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to create a paste-like substance. Scrub your face smoothly to remove the dead skin cells and the dirt to achieve a brighter, glowing skin.
  6.     To revive a dull hair that’s no longer vibrant-looking and a scalp that feels itchy or dry, Hemp Oil could be the perfect remedy. Mix the hemp oil into your preferred shampoo in a small amount to be applied directly into your hair. You can also add it to your conditioner.
  7. Refresh your dry cuticles to make them shine like before by applying Hemp Oil to them directly. Bathing your nails and cuticles into a bowl of Hemp Oil and letting your hand stay soaked there for a few minutes to feel its soothing effects.
  8. Massage and repair dry, cracked skin that you experience during the winter season by applying Hemp Oil.
  9.     Skin patch test first before trying any of the above tips to ensure that your skin will not have any bad reaction towards Hemp Oil. Apply only a pea-sized drop in your fingertips to massage a small portion of your skin which is not sensitive to skincare products. For 24 hours, monitor the area and observe if there shall be any change or unwanted result in your skin. If nothing bad happens, then you can continue using the products.

Final Thoughts

Just like any of the other products you’ve tried before, hemp oil for hair also requires testing and close observation before you decide to continuously use it. Aiming to be beautiful with healthy, moisturized skin and hair is never a sin, but it is your responsibility to make sure that what you will use is good for you and your body. If you are pregnant or is a lactating mom, you are not allowed to use this hemp oil at the time because it might have greater side effects on you. Storing hemp oil should be properly done which is away from the reach of children particularly those who are less than 7 years old. Although hemp oil cannot be treated as a substitute for one’s prescribed medication, it can still help as a supplement to such treatment. Nevertheless, it’s good to know about hemp oil’s benefits and disadvantages to the body so you can be more careful about using it in the future.


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