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Germinating Cannabis Seeds: Manual for Growers

The germination process is similar to the processing of a new plant that grows from a seed. It is considered to be the first step when you are adding a cannabis plant in your garden. Germinating cannabis seed is the process of making your cannabis seeds to grow. Germinating takes place once a small white tendril occurred from the seed.

The germination process is a very important matter to begins the life of the cannabis plant, so it is important to learn how to do it. There are many different ways that you can choose to germinate cannabis seeds. Other methods can be more fortunate compared to others.

Cannabis Plant Are All Begins with the Seed

As the cannabis plant starts from a seed, the germination process makes the seed out of its deep sleep and sets off the growing process. The cannabis seed is usually started to germinate after it acquires enough moisture it needs. During this point, the seed will increase its normal size and can break an open part of its shell.

Once the seed goes into an opening seed formation, the root will now occur. It will help the plant to absorb its needed nutrients from the earth. The earth’s gravity and the surrounding guarantee that the root grows downwards and the stem part grows upward, making a small seedling survive from having off light and earth.

Most growers, even those cannabis growers may want to know how to recognize a healthy seed. It is quite hard to tell a healthy plant base from its seed. However, some certain signs show a healthy and unhealthy seed. Having a dark, white, or pale green cannabis seed may experience trouble to germinates well. But, this will not usually consider that the result of the plant is forever worth stressful to do if you will not grow all the cannabis seed, better to place them in a dark, cool place until you grow them later. 

Different Methods to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The ideal germination guide is the one that works well with you. Go for a method that simple and natural to avoid less hassle. 

The following are different methods that you can consider to germinate your cannabis seeds.

  1. Germinate Seeds Direct from the Soil

Germinating the seeds directly from the soil is the most common and usual method to grow cannabis seeds. This method is ideal for small seeds since they have fragile roots making the soil protected it.

Many growers use this natural method of germinating seeds, and they usually get successful results. The main benefit of germinating directly from the soil is you don’t have to feel upset about distressing the seedling while transporting it to the growing room.

Here’s how:

  • As you grow the seeds, it can be instantly adjusted to the new surroundings and grow easily. To use this method, simply dig a hole which is about 0.5” – 1” deep, the soil must need to be moist but not too saturated. 
  • The soil you use must have mild fertilizer or a seed starter. Use a type of soil that have minerals and spores that helps young cannabis plant to go well. 
  • Avoid adding nutrients as the potting soil contains enough nutrients for the seed. 
  • Avoid overdosing the nutrients of the plant as it can risk killing your seedling.
  1. Germinate Seeds with Paper Towels

Another common method to germinate cannabis seeds is by using paper towels. Similar to germinating directly in the soil, this method is also easier to do as the paper towels can easily keep the seeds moist and even protected. 

Here’s how:

  • Make sure to use plain one-ply paper towels, or else if you use the paper towels, which is cloth-like, the roots will grow directly in the towel.
  • To germinate seeds with paper towels, place the seed in between the two paper towels and store them in between two plates or in a small plastic bag. 
  • Maintain the temperature for about 22°C and avoid placing the seeds near a shelf below the window. 
  • After 2 to 5 days, the seeds begin to open, and small roots should appear. Once the roots appear, and they grow for about 0.1- 0.2 inches long, you will now place them in the soil.

Germinating using this method is quite risky for your seeds. Be careful not to damage the fragile roots while moving them into the soil. You may use tweezers to transport the fragile sprouts. Avoid the root to grow longer before you transport and move it in soil.

  1. Germinating Seeds with Starter Cubes and Seedling Plugs

Another easiest and effective germination method that you can consider is by placing the seed into starter cubes and plugs and simply add water. Try to place the seeds in a room that has the right temperature. The germination will automatically take place after a few days.

The disadvantage of using this germination method is that you can usually purchase plugs in 50. It can be waste, especially if you just intend to plant only a few cannabis seeds. The plugs can lead to dry making unusable after a week or more.

  1. Germinate Seeds in Water

Germinating seeds in water are one of the easiest ways to grow seeds. It may sound like a crazy idea as it has to involve more water and light, but it works. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the seeds to show its tail. However, you can still leave them soaking in water for up to 5 to 7 days without worrying that much. Water germination is very efficient because it guarantees the right amount of moisture to start the seeds to germinate.

Germinate seeds in water shortens the process by making it easier for the plant to push through the soil. To make this method, simply fill the glass with tap water and let it reach the room temperature for the few hours.

The temperature must be 18° C. Add 3 to 4 seeds in water and observe for any changes. Refill the glass with fresh water every day and maintain the required temperature. Once the seeds start to open, you can now gently move your seeds in the soil. 


When it comes to the marijuana plants’ life cycle, germinating plays an important role in a successful future harvest. Make sure to be careful while germinating cannabis seeds. Do safety measures to prevent not to break the fragile roots to obtain a successful process.


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