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Understanding General Hydroponics Feed Chart

Understanding General Hydroponics Feed Chart

A general hydroponics feed chart is a very helpful tool for cannabis cultivators. A feed chart is a reference that provides specific guidelines and other recommendations. These recommendations are provided by companies regarding various cannabis nutrients. It aims to help farmers grow their crops the healthiest with the highest quality possible from those marijuana seeds that are released for sale on different online websites. 

What Is a General Hydroponics Feed Chart?

A feed chart is also a helping tool for the growers to understand the different products they should use to their crops and know when they will apply it. This type of information is highly beneficial for farmers with a hydroponic garden. 

Important Benefits of Using a General Hydroponics Feed Chart

The growers of a cannabis plant should always understand that each cannabis plant, and using a hydroponics feed chart is one way to do it. Whether it is an Indica seed or a Sativa seed, it has its own unique and different nutritional needs during the cannabis stages or phases of their growing cycle. 

Check the following important benefits of using a general hydroponics feed chart:

  • Total Crop Control: The farmer or the grower of a crop has total control over the different nutrients that should be used on the crops in the garden. To feed cannabis plants based on the strain, the cannabis’s stage of growth, and the environment that is being grown with different nutrients is possible. 
  • Avoid Nutrient Imbalance: Take note that if cannabis has fed with too many different nutrients or fed very few different nutrients, it can cause very serious harm to your garden. If this happens, then the hydroponics feed chart can be used as a good reference point. Always remember that in a feed, it is where you can find specific instructions that show when and where you should apply nutrients to your cannabis plant.
  • Guide for Novice Growers: A feed chart also offers the best foundation for novice growers. But take note that as the personal skills were developed, expect that they may find the feed chart necessary to alter basing it to the different and specific needs of the cannabis plants. 
  • Customized Feeding: As time goes by, a grower of the cannabis plant can actually start to build or create its own custom feed chart for its cannabis plants that usually consider the different attributes of the cannabis strains, climate, water quality and, the other different factors. The growers of cannabis plants should always keep in mind that horticulture is really considered a form of art.

How to Use the Hydroponic Feed Chart

Basically, growers should know what hydroponics is to grow cannabis plants properly and high quality.

  • Understand Hydroponics: For the first time, growers of a cannabis plant understanding and knowing what hydroponics is is a very important matter that includes what it is and, of course, how it actually works. It is very crucial to find success by using the process. When you are done determining what you would grow, you should strictly devote or give time in growing it so the plant would grow the way you wanted it to grow. 
  • Hydroponic Growing: Make it easier by implementing the hydroponics method of cultivating different cannabis plants. It involves using a water-based system colliding with different nutrients. By using this method, it is not advisable to use soil in growing those cannabis plants. You have to use plant-like mediums, just like Perlite, to create the root bedding for a plan. In this growing method, you are able to directly put the cannabis plant into different nutrients delivered through a water reservoir. It helps you to be able to stimulate the growth of your cannabis plant.
  • Adjusting the Feed Chart: The first step was to become very familiar with the chart’s suggestions in the way the plants respond. If a grower wants to adjust their feed chart the way they wanted it to be, they should record every adjustment daily. What should be recorded includes the nutrients fed to the plants and how did the plants respond. In this case, growers would identify the trends and can successfully adjust their feed chart.

The Pros and Cons of using the Hydroponics

Pros of using Hydroponics

  • Many benefits are offered by using hydroponics, and here are some of it:
  • Hydroponics increases the growth rate of a cannabis plant or otherwise by approximately 25 percent faster than plants that are soil-based growing.
  • Hydroponics makes cannabis plants or otherwise grow larger because the hydroponics do not let the plants struggle to get their nutrients. Rather, it provides it to them.
  • In hydroponics, you can conserve water because the water used in this growing method is recycled in such a specific setup.
  • Creation of an eco-friendly and a very sustainable system for the growing of different cannabis plants. In this case, it is less the creation of pollution and less the creation of waste when it uses soil.

Cons of using Hydroponics

  • While you tend to benefit a lot in hydroponics understanding the drawbacks of this kind of setup is essential and here are some of it:
  • Maintaining and setting up this method actually cost a lot of money than using the very traditional way of growing cannabis plants.
  • This cannabis growing method would require a lot of time to be able to set it up fully and to maintain it by using the traditional way, which is by using soil to grow the cannabis plants.
  • The hydroponics method also brings a higher risk of failure than growing in soils because the growers using this method only rely on the mechanical systems that do not have the assurance to work anytime.


The general hydroponics feed chart is made or designed to provide growers instructions on how to feed their cannabis plants in the right way. A feed chart is very beneficial, and it can always be changed depending on what suits the needs of the different cannabis plants and the garden itself. In the process of adjusting the feed chart, it does not have to be complicated.


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