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The Hows and Whys of Freezing Weed | Crop King Seeds

The Hows and Whys of Freezing Weed

The Hows and Whys of Freezing Weed

At the point when you have the soul to grow some cannabis, it’s a must thing that you need to know what are some ways to store are those cannabis buds in the long run. All things considered, you can’t simply leave it the cannabis buds lying at any place of your house and still anticipate that it should remain as potent and as good as it can be. 

As then, a core thing that you can do to protect the life of your buds is through freezing weed. This technique will surely cover for a long term stockpiling of your cannabis. Likewise, this strategy can be of help, but it still needs to cover what are the hows and whys when freezing weed. 

Freezing Weed: A Good Thing or Not?

With regards to the percentage, freezing weed may not entirely cover the whole percent of being a good way to storage cannabis buds or weeds, but surely the percentage won’t also go low that you may hesitate to do it. Perhaps, some five to 10 percent of uncertainty it could be.

The weed is brimming with amazing features it has along with the sorts of medical benefits. Notwithstanding, the THC from the weed will automatically get you high and infuse you good feelings. Flavors, terpenes, and aromas are also the bonus point of it. In such a case inclining to harvest weeds, one thing you must ponder is how to store it and make sure that all underlying compound contents are all there.

As a result, here is a general concept of why freezing weed is a good thing and why cannabis growers also resort to the method of freezing weed.

  • The most significant thing you should not forget is that any type of cannabis enjoys the cooler and dark temperatures after its curing process. 
  • Any type of molds like mildew may begin to flourish in your weed if the temperature goes beyond 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Which then, freezing is a good option to cooler and dark structure with a temperature lower than 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • However, you must be careful by the fact that a too low temperature is not also good for your weed. The most ideal range should be around 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit with low light alongside with 59 to 63 percent that will block UV rays.
  • Over the top warmth that your weed may get from your storing environment may dry the fundamental oils within on it, and may also result in crumbly and dry weed that may trigger the levels of difficulty on consuming it.

In such a case, freezing weed is a good thing to rely on. Written above in this paragraph are only the general competencies of pro concepts that explain the subject of freezing weed. As then, let us know what are the hows and whys when it comes to freezing weed. Would that be a dwindling thing on the idea of goodness to freeze weed or it will take some turn?

Freezing Weed: Hows and Whys

The Cases of Why Freeze Weed: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Throughout the long run, freezing weed will help you lessen the cost of buying new weeds as you already store some of it.
  • Freezing weed can help you savor the content of your favorite at any moment as you won’t go out to buy some weeds.
  • If you are relying upon to weed due to its therapeutic benefits and your conditions abruptly hits you, then you can utilize weed through opening your refrigerator and then use now weed to ease your condition.
  • The main idea of freezing weed covers the thought of keeping it safe for a long time. Furthermore, if you are a cannabis grower involve in business, you can sell this at any moment when a person wants it.
  • A frozen weed is the number one ingredient when it comes to dry ice hash. If you love dry ice hash, then this technique would be technically useful to you.


  • A low level of temperature may affect the decarboxylation process of your weed. As such, the decarboxylation process tackles the concept of activating the compounds from the weed that will result in giving you the best impacts.
  • In such cases, storing your cannabis on such temperatures that are freezing (somehow in the freezer) may somehow hinder the activation of decarboxylation. Henceforth, it may prompt you to less strong cannabis.
  • The trichome from your cannabis is the residing place of your weed’s potency, flavor, and aroma. Freezing weed truly causes the trichomes to transform into crystal-like particles like tiny ice that can break at any moment with no proper handling.
  • Not a suitable container may take advantage of keeping your weed buds brittle. As then, you must always choose the correct type of container to keep the weed buds ensures safety.
  • Losing the contents or the trichomes from your favorite weed can somehow be a highly devastating case that can affect the taste and potency of your weed. Yet, you need to follow some precautionary measures on how to keep this good. 

The Case of How to Freeze Weed

  • In the case of how to freeze weed, there are four (4) elements that you always need to consider and these are temperature, humidity, friction, and light.
  • Seasoned growers always know the fact the cannabis plant prefers warmth and light coming from the sun starting from the starting growing years, yet it takes a turn when the curing process is now the phase as it loves to be in dark and cool temperatures partnered with modifiable humidity.
  • Do not ever place your weed on such storing room that has more of the 77 degrees Fahrenheit level in temperature. A universal fact that the temperature must not also reach 0 degrees Celsius should also be remembered.  

How to Correctly Freeze Weed

  • When freezing weed, you should utilize a super-duper sealed container. An excess of oxygen could cause the weed to experience freezer burn. 
  • If you are in the case of defrosting it, make sure you are doing it right as no right conduct of things will draw microbes that are so close to attracting mildew and mold. 
  • With deep care, the trichomes are brittle so its best, if you handle it with a smooth and light movement as its brittleness, can be on the highest level. Make sure that you won’t lose any part of the trichomes just because of how you handle it.


There are a lot of misled concepts that storing weed in the freezer is always a bad idea. Even though there are some things you need to consider, it will never be the case of a total disaster when it comes to freezing weed. As such, freezing weed genuinely keep the concept of keeping your weed for a long time. 

Additionally, bubble hash or dry ice hash is not a hard move to do at all when all weed you have is the frozen one. Consider a case that you want to utilize some weed but with lesser impact yet you still want your strong weed, then your case will be rested as you can resort to frozen weed.

If in the case of freezing weed is really at your hand, here’s a simple reminder to you; never store your weed in a similar compartment with any other materials or food in your house. If you overlooked the idea of it, then you should expect that your weed won’t be in its best or even a simple sane condition.


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