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Factors Affecting the Yield of Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

Factors Affecting the Yield of Marijuana Seeds

Factors Affecting the Yield

Producing massive yields from marijuana plants is among the main goals of most marijuana growers around the world. Though the concept of producing massive yields from marijuana plants seems to be relatively easy, there are many factors to consider for that. After all, you just can’t plant marijuana seeds canada and expect them to grow into plants which could provide you with a pound of yield for every square meter coverage.

What are the factors that could affect your yield?

There are 4 basic environmental factors that play a very important role in producing massive yields for your marijuana plants canada. They are as follow:

1. Light – light allows your plant to create their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Most of the time, plants growing under ideal conditions, essentially receiving enough light per square meter, could produce more tissue growth which in turn increases yield.

2. Nutrients – with the proper amount of nutrients, you can expect your plants to receive every nourishment they need. When they are denied with a balanced nutrition, their growth could surely be impeded.

3. Temperature – marijuana plants either indoors or outdoors grow best at moderate temperature (in the mid 70s F or low 20s C). If below that, the plant could suffer growth difficulty, while higher temperatures could cause the flowers to stretch and become misshapen.

4. Water – the quality and pH level of water given should also be greatly considered, as this could lead to some serious nutrient problems if left unattended.

How do you increase your yield?

To increase your yield, you just have to supply those 4 essential factors to your plants to facilitate quicker and healthier growth. There are some other methods you can use, such as the super cropping method which involves purposefully stressing the plant a bit for it to produce massive yields.


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