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How is Curing Cannabis Done? | Crop King Seeds

How is Curing Cannabis Done?

The harvesting period seems the exciting part of the whole growing process, as you can see the result of your hardworking time and efforts in growing cannabis. After such exciting parts, the next part would be the essential parts of all, which is curing cannabis. Growing cannabis plants needs to make sure that you give you the best in order to grow your plants for longer and away from possible spoilage.

Curing Cannabis

Curing cannabis is about safely storing cannabis for a long period. There are methods you can use to cure cannabis, and learning the right technique to store your harvested crop is an ability that briskly rewarded by itself.

You give your very best working to raise the best cannabis plant, so why wasting it when you already at the end of the process. Other cannabis growers preferred to blaze dried their buds, but in order to get the desired potency and flavor, you will need to cure your cannabis buds.

Curing cannabis is not that important as drying the cannabis flowers is just enough to develop smokable cannabis products. However, some growers still put their time and efforts into considering the curing process to get very rewarding smooth and flavorful smokable cannabis buds.

Why You Need to Cure Your Cannabis

When it comes to curing your cannabis, you need to have extra patience as the curing process takes about more weeks to complete.

Here are the things you need to know about the importance of curing cannabis:

  • It looks like a difficult thing to do, but in reality, the curing process will turn all the unwanted buds into a great one bud that offers flavorful and tasty smoke. 
  • The longer period of curing cannabis will lead to deterioration of aftertaste, which is developed through the drying process like the sugar. Some molecules leave a certain unwanted taste and smell in the mouth. 
  • On the other hand, curing cannabis helps to repatriate such unwanted compounds making the overall buds turn into smooth and flavorful smoke. 
  • Curing cannabis can preserve all the preferred flavors of cannabis. The compounds that provide the intense and distinctive flavor in cannabis are known as terpenes. These unstable compounds can easily humiliate once you place your cannabis under extreme heat. 
  • The secret for a flavorful bud is by gently drying the cannabis and followed by prolonged curing procedure. Curing cannabis is not all about preserving the desired flavor, but this process can also help to boost the high of cannabis. 
  • The curing process can greatly build up the period of the validity of your overall harvest and can lessen the cases of having molds. Once you properly cured your buds, they can last for a year r more without degrading the strong and overall flavor.

How to Cure Your Cannabis Buds

Curing is all about opening and closing the jars at the right timing. Since you need to place all the dried cannabis flowers into sealed mason jars, you will need to create a favorable controlled area. Using an enclosed container will authorize the humidity within the cannabis flowers to help restore the moisture of the bud’s exterior without making it excessively wet. The main objective is to attain a smooth and flavorful stash of smoking cannabis.

First Step

To start the procedure, you will need to prepare all the cannabis flowers properly. If you tend to dry them by the plant’s branch, you will trim first the buds and separate them with the sugar leaves. On the other hand, if you dried your cannabis buds one by one, then you were ready to go to the next step.

Second Step

Place all the stash into a sealed container, using a mason jar offers a well-built choice that let you easily monitor your buds through the entire curing process. Fill the containers for up to 75% volume with loose buds. Keep in mind that you need to provide room for the air to circulate.

To help you test if your stash is dry enough to cure, gently shake the container and see if your stash is clattering around the mason jars directly. If they started to stumble altogether, it is a clear sign that the outer part of the buds is still wet and needs a further drying process.

Third Step

Place the lids in all your jars and place them in the dark and cool area to keep them away from possible threats happens. You may just place them in a storage room where the temperature has at least 21°C and the same humidity inside each jar. Using a small hygrometer in each jar is the ideal way to measure the humidity in each jar accurately.

Fourth Step

You need to routinely check the containers for at least twice per day during the first few days of the curing process. Observe for any possible mold formation to prevent ruining the curing process. Every time you check the containers, let all the lids open for about a couple of minutes to change the fresh air in it. 

Fifth Step

Always read the small hygrometers if it shows the right humidity for normal curing requirements. When you notice buds are becoming too wet, leave the lids off the containers for about 2 to 3 hours to remove the unwanted moisture inside. On the other hand, if the humidity becomes too low, you may just leave the lids on for a longer time without the breathing period.

Sixth and Final Step

Resume opening the container lids for at least once a day for the following two weeks while making some procedures to maintain optimal humidity in the container. After 3 to 4 weeks of the curing process, your buds are now ready to smoke with. The longer period of the curing process takes the best rewards it gives. The cannabis flower will resume expanding its quality for up to 5 to 6 months of the curing process.


Perfectly curing cannabis does not require experience cannabis growers to produce quality buds at home. Having an optimal condition with your ideal strain still needs to take more attention and effort to pay a very rewarding curing process. Patience and time are needed to cure your cannabis buds properly.


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