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CO2 Extraction of Cannabis Oil Explained | Crop King Seeds

CO2 Extraction of Cannabis Oil Explained

Basically, a CO2 extraction uses some pressurized carbon dioxide to be able to take as many cannabinoids as it can possibly get into cannabis, such as in hemp plant or in marijuana. In this extraction, it involves the taking out of the cannabis’s essential waxes or the cannabis’s terpenes or its cannabinoids. 

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

You can now get the CO2 oil, which you can use as a tincture, and it looks like an amber-colored oil. The manufacturers actually use carbon dioxide to the extraction because it is very versatile, and it is a very good tunable solvent. 

Here is some good-to-know info about CO2 Extraction:

  • The carbon dioxide acts as a solvent in the extraction with a much-manipulated temperature and constant pressure. However, in using the carbon dioxide in the extraction, you do not have to worry about danger because it is very safe to use as a solvent. 
  • As a result of a CO2 Oil extraction and by using carbon dioxide to extract the oil from cannabis, the result would be really a very high-quality oil that users can use, and for the record, it is a non-toxic product that is very safe to use.
  • For more information, the CO2 Extraction is just a standard extraction method that is used in herbal supplements and even used in the food industries. It helps to extract oil much easier.

The Cannabis Oil Extraction Process (Supercritical)

Basically, the following is basics on how the ScCO2 process actually works:

  • To start it, all the extractor chamber should be filled with ground cannabis or a hemp material that is called a trim.
  • There is a thing called a pump that forces the pressurized carbon dioxide gas to reach the optimum temperature that is needed into the extractor chamber.
  • The ScCO2 collides or interacts with the cannabis which later on dissolves the cannabinoid compound that is present in the cannabis. 
  • The ScCO2 carries what we call the cannabis oil particles that pass through the pressure release valve and undergo to the cyclonic separator. 
  • If it reaches the separator, the pressure that is present there is lower compared to the pressure release valve, and the carbon dioxide and the cannabis oil that is present in the cannabis will be separated.
  • After that, expect the carbon dioxide that is used to separate would rise and will be routed back to where it came from, which is from the carbon dioxide tank for reuse.
  • Near to end, so basically, the waxes, the cannabis oil and, the resins now descend in the separator where you can notice that they will be captured by a collection of vessels to able to complete the extraction process.
  • As a result, the substances that are being processed will further become into various products such as the CBD-rich, which is the “cannabis oil” that is very safe to use for it is free from any kind of solvents.

Benefits of CO2 Extraction

Actually, there is a lot of benefits of extracting oil from cannabis, one of which is the status of it as a green solvent itself. The extraction of cannabis oil using carbon dioxide is the safest for it does not contain any harmful chemical residues.

  1. Non-chemical or non-toxin

The CO2 extraction does not really use any kind of very harmful chemicals that is flammable or any kind of harmful solvents. CO2 extraction is basically used solvents that, in the end, would not give any stains to the final product, just like the carbon dioxide itself.

  1. It has greater control.

In this extraction, you can either have an as refined product or as a raw product; it depends on what you desired to have. Just like, for instance, you can actually produce a very raw plant matter that is rich in paste such as hemp paste or distill the product down if you like to a distillate state which will only contain cannabinoids.

It all depends on your hand the consistency that you want for your product by simply changing the pressure as well as the temperature of the machines that you use to be able to control or manipulate your product.

  1. CO2 Extraction is much safer and cleaner.

As we all know the cannabis’s plant came from a farm or a garden that is actually exposed to so much dirt and can cause some harm to users but by using the CO2 extraction ensures all the users that all of the possible bacteria’s and harmful residues in the cannabis would be extracted and resulted into a very clean and safe product.

  1. It can only be done with enough knowledge.

The CO2 extraction is very crucial to manipulate that’s why enough knowledge and good skills are needed to be able to successfully come up with a product. It is very fun to experiment with something, but when it comes to serious matters just like this, extracting oils from cannabis is such a thing that needs very skillful and knowledgeable manipulators.

Better Cannabis Experience with CO2 Extraction

As it ends, the CO2 is basically one of the easiest ways to extract cannabis oil and the safest and cleanest one. If you wanted to extract your cannabis oil, always consider CO2 Extraction as the best choice in extracting your cannabis oil.

Take note that when you are looking for cannabis oil or hemp oil, remember that you have to save money to be able to purchase products that were made by CO2 extraction for a better and much safer product. Do risk yourself purchasing hemp oil or cannabis oil that is much cheaper than what is made from the CO2 extraction, for, in the end, you will be the one that will suffer.


The products out there that not made from the CO2 extraction is very dangerous to use because it has a lot of harmful solvents that will cause danger to you. While in the CO2 extraction, expect that product that you will purchase would be high in quality and do not second think about how expensive it is because you get what you pay for, and it is worth the money.


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