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What is Charas and How is it Used? | Crop King Seeds

What is Charas and How is it Used?

What is Charas and How is it Used?

There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is booming and it is ever-growing. Medical discoveries and new products have been produced as well as new breeds of cannabis have made its mark on the market. It is no longer just the plain plant, but clinical studies have explored the benefits of this plant over the years.

Though cannabis concentrates are dominating the market now, the traditional form of this weed still exists, and one of them is Charas. Yes, though Cannabis concentrates the trend, Charas has been preserved for the longest time and is still being used for important practices.

What is Charas?

Charas dates back over hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. It is considered as a cannabis concentrate used during ancient times. According to cannabis experts, Charas was considered as very sacred in India and its surrounding countries because it in religious practices. It is said that it was originally found in India in Parvati Valley and Kashmir, but they can also be found in other neighboring countries like Pakistan. Charas is also known by many names: Kerala Gold and Malana Cream.              

How Charas are Made?

It would seem that Charas and other cannabis concentrates are created by using the same process, Charas is made quite differently from hashes in particular. The process is the same as it requires extraction and separating the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Trichomes are those sticky, frosty, and milky parts of the cannabis plant.

Charas was first made in the countries of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan. The process of making Charas is not difficult, but it requires you to be very careful and patient. It can be a messy process, but who cares, the product is worth it. To make Charas at home, you need these materials:

  • Your hands
  • Cannabis flower (trimmed) with a bit of stem. The flower should be about 2-3 weeks away from its maturity period.

Here are the steps in making Charas

  • Wash your hands thoroughly; make sure that there are no unwanted particles that can mix with the plant materials. Do no use scented soaps. Use unscented or organic hand soaps. 
  • Take a handful of cannabis buds and start rubbing gently between your hands. Apply just enough force to it, and do not put too much pressure because you may lose the resin rather than extract them. 
  • Keep on rubbing the cannabis buds, and you will see that they will begin producing a tar-like, sticky substance that builds up on your palm and finger. 
  • The product produced is Charas. 
  • If you want to produce more, just repeat the process. 
  • Just pick just a few cannabis buds and patiently rub them on your palms without exerting too much force. The slower you go on this process, the better quality you get.
  • Store your Charas in a tightly sealed container, a plastic film, mason jar or sealed plastic container will do. Just make sure that it can be tightly sealed so it will not dry out.

The secret to high-quality Charas is on the process of how it was produced. The slower the process, the better. Light pressure should be applied while rubbing the buds so that you will not lose resin. 

How to use Charas?

During ancient times, Charas was used as part of religious practice, but over the years it has been used for recreational purposes as well. Traditionally, Charas is smoked using a chillum. A chillum is a glass pipe, shaped like a cone, with an end-to-end channel. If you love smoking, Charas, you can invest in this tool.

You can also create a joint with a piece of your Charas with a mix of tobacco. If you don’t like tobaccos, you can just make a joint of Charas by mixing it in a bowl and smoke it using a bong or a pipe. Since vapes are the “in” thing in the cannabis community, you can also vaporize them in a dab rig just like what you do with other cannabis extracts.

A general rule, if it is your first time in using Charas, better start slowly first. You may need to adjust since this is a new method for you. Let your body and senses adjust before smoking more of it.

What are the effects of Charas?

Charas is made of very potent cannabis strains. It is strong and powerful. THC is the active component of Charas. The effects are:

  • Mind-altering effects (Psychedelic effects that can lead to hallucinations).
  • Dryness of the mouth and eyes.
  • Blood-shoot eyes.
  • It can cause hunger.
  • It can bring about a dreamy state and a form of relaxation.

Best Strains To Use for Charas 

You can use any strain in making Charas, but traditionally, Indica strains are used in making Charas. Strains with high THC content are also recommended if you decided to make Charas. Here are a few suggestions of strains that you can use in making Charas:

  • Northern Light – Northern Light is an award-winning Indica dominant strain with a high THC content that reaches 18%. It is a favorite among cannabis growers and consumers alike because of its distinct flavor and relaxing high. It can also produce massive yield.
  • Sweet ZZ – this is another potent Indica-dominant strain that can bring about mild feelings of euphoria, boost creativity and relaxation. The THC content is 22%; thus, this strain is very potent. It boasts of its sweet aroma, which it carries to its flavorful taste.
  • Bubble Kush – This sweet strain has an amazing THC content of 19%. This strain is a cross between Bubble Gum and OG Kush and delivers an inspiring and relaxing high.

Cannabis may be dominating the market now, but there is something with the classic cannabis forms that makes them hard to resist. Charas may have been existing for a long time already, but thankfully it has been preserved so that the hewer generation will experience the history of the ever-changing world of cannabis.


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