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Should You Drink CBD Water? | Crop King Seeds

Should You Drink CBD Water?

cbd water

Out of all the cannabis-based products that are made and marketed today, no one would have ever thought that something as basic as water could still be made into something interesting. CBD water is a great way to replenish your thirst and provide you with the health benefits of cannabis without the feeling of getting high. But what is CBD water, and how does it affect the body? In this article, we learn more about how CBD water came to be and why it is such a popular trend today.

What is CBD Water?

Like so many CBD-infused products in health shops, CBD water is simply water that is infused with CBD. Just like CBD-infused vapes and capsules, CBD water also carries with it the health benefits and the effects of CBD. Unlike the concentrated form of CBD, this product only contains a few percentages of the compound. This means that you are simply drinking water with traces of CBD in it. While it does not have the highest amount of CBD, it still produces some of the best effects known to man.

Some might still be in the dark about what CBD is. CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound called cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are exclusively found in cannabis plants. Another form of cannabinoid is THC, which makes you high. CBD does not have the same effect as THC, but they belong to the same plant. While THC makes you high, CBD offers a wide variety of medicinal properties, which is why you notice concentrated forms of CBD being sold in the market.

Apart from that, CBD has been infused into oils, capsules, lotions, and even food. You can use CBD oil and use them as an ingredient to your next dish. CBD water is one of the many popular products that use CBD as its main selling point. It is made by reducing the CBD particles and make them soluble enough to be mixed with water. CBD water is also great when it is infused with other natural ingredients such as ginseng and many others that offer great health benefits.

Benefits of CBD Water

On its own, CBD is legal for consumption. But when it is infused in food and beverages, regulation must be made for legal purposes. This is the reason why CBD water is still being studied apart from its many claims of benefits. Nevertheless, CBD water still poses a lot of healthy effects on the human body as much as other CBD-infused products. This is one of the many reasons why it is a popular health trend today.

  1. It is commonly used to reduce inflammation. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling. This means that you can feel more comfortable with pain and swelling once you have drunk enough CBD water.
  2. CBD water reduces the blood sugar level. CBD is known to boost metabolism, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels. Metabolism plays a huge role in conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. With CBD water and its effects on metabolism, you are assured that your blood sugar levels are maintained at a normal rate.
  3. CBD is known to be a stress reliever. It lowers anxiety and stress, making it one of the best ways to relax. This results in people having fewer anxiety attacks and more time for proper relaxation. Those who are anxious before going to sleep and suffer from insomnia are more likely to develop a good sleeping habit with the help of CBD water. This allows people who have trouble sleeping at night to relax before going to bed.
  4. CBD water contains antibacterial properties. This makes it a very good source of protection for those who have issues with their digestive tract. Drinking CBD water helps promote the natural flora of the digestive tract, which allows good bacteria to thrive and combat bad bacteria.
  5. The anti-carcinogenic properties of CBD water also help relieve the body from toxins and compounds that could promote the growth of cancer cells. CBD is known to fight cancer cells, but more studies need to be made with this claim.

    Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are even more benefits of drinking CBD water, including relief from asthma, depression, pain from fibromyalgia, promotes heart health, lowers eye pressure, helps regain appetite, and many more.

Controversy With CBD Water

Infusing water with CBD brings a lot of potential issues. One such issue is the fact that minerals that are consumed in large quantities begin to enact negative feedback to the body. This means that the body can no longer remove these minerals, which then poses a problem. CBD water uses a technology that allows cannabidiol to be soluble; thus, drinking too much would also produce a lot of risks.

On the other hand, drinking water infused with less CBD content would not do anything for your body. This is why it is always best to check the label of the CBD water that you are about to drink. Make sure that the CBD water has around 50mg of cannabidiol for it to be very effective.

Drinking CBD water still has its many pros and cons. CBD water offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from, making this healthy drink even more accessible to many who are fond of flavored drinks. CBD water also works faster in the human system than other forms of CBD derivative. This means that if you need quick relief from pain and swelling, drinking CBD water should help you achieve just that.

Another factor that needs to be discussed is the quality of the CBD water. When exposed to light, the compounds are broken down, and it loses its potency. The constant exposure to light and heat may result in a low-quality product, which can be detrimental to the consumer. For that reason, quality control must be preserved, and it should be one of your requirements before purchasing CBD water.


The popularity of CBD water has been on the rise ever since countries all over the world have relaxed their rules and regulation behind cannabis-derived products. As with many products infused with CBD, it still needs proper regulation for it to be effective. Knowing the right amount of CBD to consume is important for you to experience all the health benefits you get from the compound. When it comes to whether you should be drinking CBD water or not, the answer will always be a resounding yes.



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