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CBD for Cats: Is it a Good Idea? | Crop King Seeds

CBD for Cats: Is it a Good Idea?

CBD for Cats: Is it a Good Idea?

Cannabis is taking the market by storm. It has evolved from a simple plant to become very beneficial in many ways. Among the important benefits from cannabis comes from one of its prominent cannabinoid called which is the Cannabidiol or CBD.

Various researches have been conducted on the effects of this cannabinoid on the human body system as well as domestic animals. CBD for cats is a hot topic among veterinarians and cannabis experts as they explore the effects of CBD on this animal.

What is CBD?

Among the hundreds of cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant, two prominent cannabinoids give cannabis its effects. The two main components of cannabis are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol or CBD. THC and CBD interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors to treat the effects of several conditions.

Cannabidiol or CBD does react to the chemical composition of the brain, so it is not responsible for the high that is produced by the weed. THC is the one responsible for the high. CBD’s primary effect is therapeutic. It is responsible for most of the medical properties of a cannabis plant. So if you smoke a CBD-rich strain, do not expect that you get the psychedelic high, which you can find in THC-rich strains. 

CBD for Cats: Is it a good idea? 

CBD has been a subject of many important types of research that has to lead to medical breakthroughs. Most of these researches started with animals as their subject, particularly mice. When the studies have been effective, it was subjected to human testing. CBD has been proven effective to both humans and animals according to many researches. 

Though there may be very few or no clinical studies yet subjecting cats to the effectivity of CBD with successful researches on the effectivity of this cannabinoid on humans and other animals like dogs and mice, it is also assumed that CBD is a good idea for cats as well.

According to recent studies, CBD has been proven effective in managing the pain caused by osteoarthritis in dogs, and it can also reduce frequent seizures for those who are suffering from severe epilepsy. Since it was proven that CBD is effective for dogs who are suffering from epilepsy, the Food and Drug Administration in 2018 approved CBD medication for humans called Epidiolex specifically for the treatment of childhood epilepsy.

If CBD is a good idea for dogs and humans, without a doubt, it is a good idea for cats as well.

The Benefits of CBD for Cats

Like humans, CBD provides many benefits for cats too. Here are several medical conditions that CBD can help your furry friend:

  • Arthritis. Like humans, kitties also suffer from arthritis, and this can be very painful. CBD is known to be very effective against pain, so it can help in the treatment of arthritis. Before, cats suffer from the pain for a long time because there are no drugs available to help deal with the illness. The good thing now is that there are many CBD products that you can provide your pet to cure arthritis.
  • Seizures. CBD has been approved to be effective against seizures, and the FDA has even approved a drug to treat the condition. Though this condition is not very common to cats, it is still good to know that CBD can help treat seizures.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). This is a common disease for kitties. CBD can help in the treatment of this condition, along with other medications. CBD can help deal with some symptoms as well as reduce inflammation. If you observe that your cat vomits, losing weight, or having diarrhea, then perhaps your pet is suffering from IBD. Consult a vet right away for a prescription. Note that if you will use CBD for medication, it is still important to consult your doctor.
  • Pancreatitis. This condition is quite hard to treat, but with CBD, it can be manageable. Again to use CBD as medication, refer to your doctor for prescription and dosage instructions.
  • Asthma. It may not be common, but cats also suffer from asthma. Though some kitties suffer from minor symptoms, yet it still needs medical intervention. CBD can help treat minor symptoms like inflammation, which can result in fewer asthma attacks.
  • Cancer. CBD for humans has been studied to help in the treatment of cancer and its symptoms. Though the studies are still ongoing on the effectivity of CBD on cancer, it is getting positive feedbacks and hopefully can be proven effective shortly.
  • Respiratory Infections. This condition is also uncommon for cats, but they can still suffer from this condition. As CBD is effective in treating respiratory infections for humans, it is effective for dogs as well and not surprisingly with cats. If you ever think of using CBD for medication, consult the doctor first.

CBD was getting good feedback in the treatment of the abovementioned and was tested in dogs and humans, so it is safe to say that it is also good and effective for cats. It is just important to make sure that you have good quality CBD products that you will use for your medication.

Safe CBD for Cats

You might be reluctant to administer CBD for the treatment of your plant’s medical condition and still thinking about the safety of this cannabinoid. The first thing to do is to talk to an experienced veterinarian. The doctor will be able to see your pet’s condition and can give you a prescription if you want to administer cannabis to treat the illness. You may also consult with an experienced cannabis consumer so they can tell you which CBD that is being marketed is safe for your pet.

Final thoughts

CBD for cats is a good idea. Just like humans, cats suffer several medical conditions that can be treated by CBD. Yes, there might be no specific study, particularly on the effectivity of CBD on cats, but it has been effective for humans and dogs; therefore, it is effective for cats as well. If you want to use CBD as medication to your cat’s medical condition, see a veterinarian first. Better get their advice before medicating CBD to your furry friend. And If you’re looking for the best seeds? Avail it here.


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