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How to Prepare Cannabis Tea at Home?

Homemade procedures that consist of enlivening-up your weed experience peaked in popularity among users who prefer to call their usage as “lowkey.” Along with that are the innovative ideas that keep emerging from every corner of the world. Since you’re already in the phase where you will be enduring all the side effects of marijuana as a small price to pay for having beneficial ones, then why not bring it to a whole new level?

Aside from edibles and other modes of weed consumption, cannabis tea is also bringing its name to the marijuana market, with anticipated therapeutic impacts. No matter what cannabinoid is present, you shall rest soundlessly knowing that you invested your time and money into a curative drink.

In this article, we will make a point out of the argument that cannabis tea is an excellent treatment for a user’s health. Meanwhile, giving out the necessary information, and the preparation methods to have cannabis tea at home would be an excellent deal. 

What is Cannabis Tea?

Cannabis tea, like any way of marijuana ingestion, is available in various names such as pot tea, ganja tea, weed tea, and cannabis decoction. As the name suggests, cannabis tea is a prepared drink with remnants of weed in it. Usually, cannabis tea is popularly known for being one of the alternatives in ingesting cannabis.

Marijuana, according to health practitioners, is either a recreational or medical substance. The substance is typically dubbed as psychoactive and a considerable helping hand in spiritual connections. With all the modes of consumption, many believe that drinking tea infused with cannabis is more therapeutic in treating physical and mental conditions.

Thanks to the THC content of most of the strains, the levels of plausible treating capability are equal to recreational sensations. The involvement of cannabinoids is what’s behind necessary steps, mainly to activate whatever you wish to taste on your tea. Otherwise, you won’t be able to feel that it’s indeed the cannabis tea.

On the other hand, the uncommon practice of turning cannabis into tea is not only facing recognition but also as a curiosity. With limited resources and restricted actions, finding enough shreds of evidence that will wholly support the idea that cannabis tea is advantageous is impossible. Nonetheless, the actual demonstration reported by consumers is what heightened the assumptions.

Can Cannabis Tea make you high?

To answer this question, you will have to decide if you should decarboxylate your weeds first. By definition, decarboxylation refers to activating the active chemical components present in cannabis. In this case, THC is usually the most existing one, among other cannabinoids.

What does it have to with answering the question? During the process of activation or decarboxylation, the non-intoxicating constituent of the weed will convert into an intoxicating one. Though it wasn’t going to give minimal side effects, you’ll be experiencing medical benefits on the other side, which is an excellent deal to look forward to in drinking cannabis tea.

If you choose to activate the psychoactive compound, you’ll most likely feel the high along with advantages, too. So, in that case, cannabis tea will indeed make you high. But, if you chose not to, you can expect the tea to taste like regular ones without any specific results during the drinking process.

In other words, you can modify the effects you wish to see during your cannabis tea session. However, the purpose of cannabis tea won’t be applied, which is to spice up dull tea into an exhilarating one. If you think you can’t put up with such potency, smaller grams would be nice, especially beginners.

How long does Cannabis Tea’s effect will kick in?

One of the most sought familiarity among expert users is the effects of cannabis in their tongue, down to paralyzing their whole body for a euphoric emotion. The traditional model of consumption doesn’t take long to occur; hence, why a lot is not hopping onto another way, making them one of the weed loyalists.

For example, to inform anyone who wishes to attempt other processes, like cannabis tea, expect the effect to be at a sluggish pace. Analogous to edibles, cannabis tea’s impact takes a lot longer than smoking. According to users, an excruciating hour or two is the approximate time frame.

For the best experience, it would be best to start gradually, like drinking a cup of beer on your first time. There will be instances that you won’t feel a thing even after waiting for an hour or two. If you’re starting with lower measures, the best resolution is to drink again. For the second time, the assurance is better than before.

Guide on How to Prepare Cannabis Tea at Home

In knowing the preparations for making cannabis tea, you can insert a few suggestions here and there and might even alter a few steps that will go according to your preference. After all, you will be working in the comfort of your homes. Still, if you wish to proceed with the usual preparation ingredients and procedures, here are your guidelines.


  • Cannabis buds
  • Any regular oil and butter
  • Water
  • Teabag


  • Boil the water, preferably in a pot, since the time of heating cannabis in the water, compared to regular tea, can be quite lengthy. As the water boils, proceed to the next steps.
  • Pound the buds well and ensure that the outcome would be well-grounded. Otherwise, there’ll be no assurance that the cannabinoid present will activate. In this step, deciding the gram should already be on the run. Always start low as a beginner.
  • For further activation, there will be other chemical compounds in cannabis that will need to correlate with fats. Hence, you will mix the ground buds with oil or butter. Place the buttered buds into a bag of tea and seal it tight.
  • Like any tea, pour the tea bag into the water and boil it a low heat. To ensure the activation, leave it seeping for approximately 30 minutes, depending on the grams. Fifteen minutes would be sufficient for smaller portions.
  • After the steeping part, you can add other ingredients like milk, if you’re a fan of sweet drinks. The effects should take place longer than the usual way of ingestion.

Is Cannabis Tea worth your time?

Believe it or not, but tea lovers can invest more funds in their sessions than what cannabis tea can cost. Due to that, if those tea lovers turn into cannabis tea lovers, everything would be worth their while as long as they’re sipping their tea.

As a beginner, it would be best to be beyond knowledgeable before hitting it off with cannabis tea. Remember, you are here for the experience, not adversity.


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